A few months ago I found myself at the “Starting Line” of the Surf City Marathon/Half Marathon/5K Annual Run.  It was a beautiful morning as more than 20,000 participants prepared to make the run down the spectacular Pacific Coast Highway.  There was an electricity in the crisp morning air as various people were stretching and positioning themselves for the beginning of what would be a challenging if not grueling run for some.  For me, it was a time of mental focus.  As the rising sun peaked over the palm trees swaying in the morning breeze, I remembered the hours of training that would bring me to this moment.  It was a time to be confident in what I knew I could accomplish that day.  I wasn’t really interested in my starting position, though many runners were.  I wasn’t even interested in where I finished, though finishing was certainly one of my goals that day.  No, for me it was all about the journey.

And now, I find myself at the “Starting Line” of another journey…a journey that will take me into the amazing world of photography.  And, I invite you to come along on this incredible venture!  Some of you will grow with me as I traverse from novice to budding professional, while others will offer valuable insight and expertise to encourage and assist me along the way.  Wherever you fall within that spectrum of people, it’s with great anticipation that we begin our journey together.

Our first stop…the camera.  I currently have a Nikon L110 digital camera boasting 12.1 megapixels with a 15X NIKKOR zoom lens with 28 mm wide-angle capability.  While this is a nice point and shoot digital camera, I know I need to upgrade to a DSLR.  But, which brand and what model?

Using my Nikon L110 digital camera, I captured this beautiful bloom from a Naked Coral Tree at the Los Angeles Arboretum in the mid-afternoon sun.

So, now I invite you to come with me as I journey through this maze of equipment purchases, classes, projects, website design, and the myriad of other stops along the way.  I welcome your suggestions, expertise, and even your critical analysis as I travel to capture the most incredible photographic art to share with you.

Finally, the moment arrives.  As the official starter raises his arm into the early morning sky, my heart begins to pound as I anticipate the rush that can only come from “The Starting Line.”

THE CAMERA!  What to purchase.  How many megapixels?  Which brand?  What model?  How many lenses?  Filters…who needs them?  Remember, this is only the beginning of our journey together.  I barely know you.  Wait a minute…I don’t know you at all!  But, I know you’re out there!

All photography is original and falls under the ownership and copyright of this blog.


~ by photographyfree4all on May 25, 2010.

5 Responses to “THE STARTING LINE”

  1. So glad I found your blog. I’m just starting my own photo-journey, and have so much to learn. Happy to be able to tag along.


  2. You have only been writing this blog since May? And you are a novice?! I am in awe of your talent and have subscribed to your blog to follow your journey.


  3. Reading through your blog and am reminded of “the best camera is the one you have with you.” Enjoy all there is to see with photography!


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  5. […] May 25, 2010, I introduced Photographyfree4all and published my first post.  Don’t be discouraged fellow bloggers.  I believe I had a whopping 7 visits, not the first […]


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