To those of you who may be just finding my blog, WELCOME!  Be sure to catch up on my earlier posts.  And, don’t forget to give me your camera recommendations.   

To those of you who have been here since the beginning, INCREDIBLE!!  This is my third post…and you’re still with me!!   

Starting our bike ride down the coast to Newport Beach, we notice a commotion near the Huntington Beach Pier.  Parking the bikes, we come upon a group of street performers.   

Huntington Beach street performers.  These guys were pretty good!   


copyright 2010   


copyright 2010   

Continuing down the coast, less than an hour later we arrive at our destination, the Balboa area of Newport Beach.  Again, we park our bikes and it’s off to catch the sights.   

The local food flavor is amazing!  Colorful, too!   


copyright 2010   

Looking across Newport Harbor, Balboa Island is in the foreground.  Newport Beach is in the background.   


copyright 2010   

Sailing out of the Newport Beach Marina, everyone on board is scurrying for the best place to enjoy the day.  How could you miss on a sailboat named “Wahoo?”   


copyright 2010   

Renting a boat for the afternoon is only one way to have a magical time here!   


copyright 2010   

Maybe you would rather take a spin on the retro ferris wheel…   


copyright 2010   

Or relax for a ride on this vintage merry-go-round…   


copyright 2010   

Candy goes with whatever you choose to do.  You’ll find one of the best old-fashioned candy stores in Balboa of Newport Beach.   


copyright 2010   

Maybe you’ll take your dogs for a nice walk along the marina boardwalk.  Um…like this guy.  Hey!  Pay attention to your dogs!   


copyright 2010   

Whatever you choose to do, don’t miss the Original Ruby’s Diner with its famous rooftop dining option.  Located at the end of the Balboa Pier, this is one of my favorite spots.  You simply can’t beat the view from the roof!  And the shakes…Yummo!   


copyright 2010   

The view from Ruby’s rooftop.  I told you it was amazing!   


copyright 2010   

There you have it…a day at the Balboa Fun Zone and the surrounding area of Balboa in Newport Beach, California.  Thanks for joining me.   

Perhaps you noticed something a bit unique in one of the pictures.  Look carefully. When you’ve spotted it, send me a comment to let me know what you think it might be.   

I’m still looking for your help with my camera purchase.  In my next post, I’m planning to review two of the cameras under consideration.  I’ll also post a few photos from a classic car show I happened upon in Huntington Beach over the weekend.   

Until next time…enjoy!   

All photography is original and falls under the ownership and copyright of this blog.    


~ by photographyfree4all on May 31, 2010.

6 Responses to “A DAY IN NEWPORT BEACH”

  1. okay, I give up…what should I have noticed?


  2. I’m not sure, but in the 5th photo it appears the flag is flying upside down. Also, I would go with a Canon over a Nikon. Not knowing what your budget might be, I would say buy the Canon T2i. This is a great first DSLR!



  3. You are correct, Chad! However, I believe it’s actually in the 6th photo. The American flag seems to be flying upside down. I’m not sure the reasoning behind this…I don’t think they were in distress, which is normally what a flag flying this way indicates. I would sooner believe the flag became detached at the lower point and was blown upside down in the wind.


  4. These are great pics, and I must thank Elizabeth for sharing access to this treasure of a blog – you both are on my A list of extremely cool and talented people – proud to say I know the two of you


  5. […] To help you with you perspective, if you look carefully at the photograph above you will notice a sailboat exiting the Newport Beach Harbor channel.  What looks to be immediately behind the sailboat is the Balboa Pier.  At the end of this pier you’ll find the original Ruby’s Diner.  This Ruby’s has a rooftop dining area which seems to be our favorite lunch stop during our Huntington Beach ride.  We have seen everything from dolphins playfully swimming by to those parasailing leisurely overhead as we enjoy our lunch.  Though the channel and the pier seem to be close together, they are actually about 5 miles apart.  If you would like to see my post from that area, click here. […]


  6. […]  As you continue to look northward, you’ll see the Balboa Pier.  This is where the original Ruby’s Diner is located and a popular lunch spot on our Pacific Coast bicycle ride.  Still further north, if […]


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