The U.S. Submarine Veterans WWII National Memorial West in Seal Beach, California

© copyright 2010

© copyright 2010

I recently visited this WW II memorial and was very surprised by what I learned.  There were a total of 52 submarines lost during World War II.  I had no idea that many submarines had been lost.  Surrounding the boundary of this property I found 52 individual memorials, one for each lost vessel.  Inscribed on those memorials were the names of 3,505 people who sacrificed their lives protecting the freedoms we enjoy today.

It caused me to reflect upon my attitude toward the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for my freedom.  Whether it’s WW I, WW II, the Korean Conflict, the Viet Nam Conflict, The Gulf Conflict, or the Iraq/Afghan Conflict, I shall never forget the sacrifices that have been made and are being made everyday so that I can express myself through this blog.

Even though July 4th celebrates the anniversary of this great country’s independence, let me encourage you to take a moment to ponder the freedoms we enjoy.  Then, find someone who has served to protect those freedoms…and just say, “THANK YOU!”

© copyright 2010

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~ by photographyfree4all on July 3, 2010.

12 Responses to “A TIME TO REMEMBER…”

  1. Beautiful photos, and moving memorials.

    I especially like the one with the flag backlit by the sun. Great shot!


  2. Though I’m Canadian, I feel the same way about our veterans. Reminders are welcome any time of year.


  3. Excellent pictures and excellent thoughts on this day. I will post this link on my FB page – hopefully that is OK.


  4. Excellent post. Love the last flag picture.

    Happy Independence Day!


  5. Thanks for the reminder. Love the last pic!


  6. Thank you for a great post and great photos.


  7. Very nice tribute and good lesson in the history we often take for granted. The photographs are very nice.


  8. Thank you for commenting on my blog, because it led me to yours! Your pictures, technique, and “lessons” are fantastic! I’ve bookmarked your blog, I look forward to following along 🙂


  9. The 3rd picture is just super! Great timing!


  10. The last photograph is absolutely stunning. You have a great talent.


  11. I am not an American, so naturally have no patriot fervour flowing through my veins – but I find your final shot in this sequence to be superb.


  12. The last flag photo is awesome. And I am American, and can definitely relate to the patriotism as well.


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