This picture comes from a recent morning visit to the business office.  As I was returning to my car, I happened to notice this tree standing with such new life in the inner courtyard of a nearby church.  I’ve passed it dozens of times only to hurry on my way leaving it unnoticed in my wake.  But today was different.  On this day the leaves were exploding with vivid, fresh color.  I saw for the first time their detailed variegation.  The vitality of new life was evident in the leaves, newly exposed to the spring elements.  I immediately knew I had to capture this!  I hurried to my car to retrieve my camera and began to visually imagine the very best angle to display everything I was seeing.  As I was looking at every detail of the tree, I suddenly noticed the cross!  This was what I was meant to see today!  I got down on the ground in order to make my shot as vertical as I possibly could…and you are seeing the result. You see, it wasn’t the first tree I needed to notice, but the second.

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~ by photographyfree4all on July 5, 2010.

5 Responses to “THE TREE”

  1. Wow. Those leaves have some color!


  2. I love a backlit subject. Monet planted whole gardens just so he could catch his subjects with lighting from behind. However, I think I must agree with you… although the tree’s leaves are lovely, the second tree is the one with the message, the one you were meant to see.


  3. Thanks for the comments!
    I really enjoyed looking at your pictures and blog. You have some stunning photos and unique ideas. Look forward to seeing some more of your work.


  4. Gorgeous shot and special meaning for you as well…Heartspell


  5. Good observation, and where would we be without The Tree..?


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