A photoholic??  That’s not even a word!  I’m not addicted to photography!  I can stop any time I want!  But wait!  Isn’t that what all addicts say???

© 2010

Yesterday, I noticed this beautiful flower as I was leaving my office building.  I immediately reached for my camera, which was in the backpack slung over my shoulder.  (Um…you might be a photoholic if you carry your camera everywhere you go) 






But it’s so beautiful! (that’s the inner voice every photoholic hears)

It’ll just take a minute!

OK…now, you just think I’m crazy!  🙂

Yesterday, I saw this flower – I shot it, and this is the result.  That doesn’t mean anything.  Does it?

Disclaimer: this was an unplanned, supplemental post.  Stay tuned for my regular, planned post.

All photography is original and falls under the protection and copyright of this blog


~ by photographyfree4all on July 8, 2010.

21 Responses to “HELLO, MY NAME IS _____, I’M A PHOTOHOLIC…”

  1. And so glad you are–that is one of the most beautiful floral shots I’ve seen. Stunning. If only I could remember to bring my camera with me everywhere…


  2. And it is a gorgeous photo! =D


  3. It has a certain molten glow from within… stunning I say.

    I totally understand.


  4. Love it. Did you use a macro lens?


  5. No macro – I’m considering buying one – but, they can be pretty expensive. I was using my Canon 50D with a 28-135 mm zoom. Thanks for your comment.


  6. Hello… my name is emily, I’m a photoholic too…

    Great post. I love it!


  7. You can never take too many shots!….. and all the shots you’ve taken are practice for the next one too!….:)

    Good lively flower pic here, thanks for sharing…


  8. I’m glad you stopped here – and the other places, you have stopped for pictures to this blog. There are many great pictures – so I’ll be back 😉


  9. Certainly worth stopping for! It’s beautiful.

    There are worse addictions than photography. Or so I keep explaining to myself, my family, and my friends. 😉


  10. AHA! i totally understand that feeling!
    you are a photoholic! admit it! lol xD
    it’s cool in a sense that photo will remain like that (the beauty of course) until the end of the world; when the flower itself will die pretty soon 😛

    good thing you stopped for that shot!
    such pretty flower
    the flower has this “take a picture of meeeee~” aura i bet!


  11. Ahaha, nice post :D. But nice shot though.
    ‘Photoholic’, gotta use it as well 😛


  12. Beautiful shot. I’m a flower photoholic as well – I really just don’t think you can ever max out on gorgeous photos of one of nature’s most beautiful plant happenings.


  13. Thank you for commenting on my blog. : )

    I don’t even want to think about all the great shots I’ve missed because I didn’t have my camera with me. You’re not a photoholic, you’re a good photographer!


  14. it’s beautiful
    i also carry my camera everywhere


  15. LOL. Been there/done that. And still doing it. 😉


  16. i couldnt agree more. so many times ive been on a hike and heard it because i took pictures of every flower i passed. to take great shots you must take manY is my motto.


  17. Photoholic it a good name for what we do. I take my camera everywhere and usually very much out in the open, ever ready, scanning the lay of the land for whatever strikes my interest, one never knows when the opportunity to photograph some wonderful moment will arrive.
    The day lily is beautiful even if you have thousand before it.
    I am a friend of Terrill, I followed your trail to your blog!


  18. “Photoholic,” eh? Um, does the fact that I shot over 15,000 photos in roughly one year on my previous digital camera count? Amusingly, I found out that because the files are formatted as DSC_####, once you reach 10,000, the file names roll over back to 0001. Then I started having to actually name my files on my own.

    Er, as for carrying a camera around at all times…well, let’s just say that the pack I recently acquired has more space allocated in it to camera storage than it does to other more useful things like file folders, lunch, writing implements, etc. And on any given day, I have my camera and five lenses in there…

    Also, very nice shot. If you find yourself shooting many like it, you may want to pick up a true macro lens. The added “specialty” design of such lenses does make for some rather stunning results.

    And talking to yourself isn’t crazy…um, well, I don’t think it’s crazy since I do it all the time. You may want to seek an outside perspective on that, though…I don’t think I’m entirely objective in this case…


  19. What a beautiful blog you have here! This post is an exact transcript of a conversation I had with myself this morning! But then, you are obviously a much more accomplished photographer than I am, so perhaps you have more of an excuse! A lovely blog, I will definitely be returning!


  20. couldn’t agree more… and if by chance you don’t have your camera on you, there’s always the cell phone – which is almost full too 🙂 LOL . I can’t keep up with all the photos i take.

    I just want to say too that your photos are amazing!! great blog! I will definitely be following!


  21. I really like it. I’ve been scrolling around your blog at different pictures and your macro pics are amazing!!


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