It’s one of those rare occasions in our family where we spend a week in the mountains together.  While here, we always seem to make a few trips from Big Bear Lake to Lake Arrowhead.  I could make this drive a hundred times and never capture this shot again. This time instead of describing what I see, I would rather hear from you.  Look carefully.  Each of you will see something different.  Maybe it’s something technical about the photograph – share it with us.  Maybe it’s something about the scene itself. What was the first element to catch your eye?  Everyone will see something or think of someone as they look at the beauty of this scene.  What do you see?

This shot was taken around 7:00 PM, from the “Rim of the World” highway between Big Bear Lake and Lake Arrowhead, California.  Yes, of course I pulled off the road to snap the shot.


~ by photographyfree4all on July 26, 2010.


  1. As much as the scenery is beautiful, I love the expanse of blue that takes up the left side of the photo – it gives a sense of space and freedom 🙂


  2. This is a beautiful shot. The mountains, fog, sky, sun rays peering through the clouds…has it all.

    You asked what catches our eye in this shot. Personally, I see a face in the clouds. To be honest, the first thing that came to mind was the ghostbusters ghost. Slimer, perhaps with a hat on.


  3. I raise chickens and the first thing I saw was the giant chicken flying by. (cloud formation) “:


  4. The fog. Adds some mystery to the scene


  5. I can’t help but imagine dragonflies buzzing about in the foreground. 8)


  6. These are great comments. It’s difficult for me not to “chip” in – but, I won’t. Now, let me encourage some of you who may be a bit shy. Go ahead – take the plunge and leave a comment! Thanks for stopping by.


  7. The clouds looks like an angel flying and the sun behind is smiling down on her.


  8. I see a space alien or maybe a skull.


  9. I see a sun so big you can almost reach out and touch it. I also see a smiley face and a bird beneath…


  10. Absolutely love this photo.I think I see a bearded alien walrus.


  11. Spending a week in the mountains must be about the nearest thing to heaven on earth there is–and this picture comes pretty close, too. It’s beautiful.

    I have to confess–I’m not really seeing anything earth shattering, though, but I love the rays of light splitting the clouds, and the mist hanging low in the valley–very, very pretty.


  12. The first thing I noticed was the haze in the valley between the mountain ranges. I’d like to believe it is fog, but I suspect it is actually air pollution. Then the next thing I noticed was the beautiful cloud formation with the sun rays pouring through the gaps in the clouds. I absolutely love this light phenomenon when it happens, and I have spent a lot of time trying to capture it. It is surprisingly difficult to get the exposure just right to have those rays show up, and this shot did it well, I think.

    The best “rays” I have seen recently were some that happened at least half an hour after the sun went down. Far in the west, in Oklahoma, were terribly big thunderstorms (there were some nasty tornadoes that night), and the cloud tops cast shadows into our evening dusk. It was magical, and way too dark to actually capture it.


  13. I see a face with sun glasses on looking over a dark blob.

    Beautiful picture!


  14. Beautiful shot. I see a face, too. (I’m going to Big Bear this weekend. Can’t wait!)


  15. I really like that bank of fog nestled between the ridgelines. If you cropped the top third to eliminate the overblown highlights, you’d have a very dramatic landscape, imho.


  16. Thanks for all your great comments! Some of you have an extremely vivid imagination. The first element that struck me was the mystic fog in the valley between the mountains. When I pictured the shot, I thought the mountains in the foreground would create a vivid silhouette, and it did. The cloud was beautiful, but I never imagined the rays until they were there and I saw them in the frame.

    Some have made great suggestions. Thanks for that. I love the help! Thanks for visiting and commenting!


  17. Wonderful Photo!! I see the kool-aid character.


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