The afternoon sun highlights the evergreen backdrop creating a beautiful scene on the shores of lake Arrowhead, California.  These are the “Lazy Days of Summer.”  For generations people have spent their summer days relaxing along the shores of their favorite lake.  And, this summer is no different.

~ by photographyfree4all on July 27, 2010.

10 Responses to “LAKE ARROWHEAD”

  1. Technical Question: How do you get the copyright overlays onto your pictures? Thanks for your help!


  2. The copyright overlay is a watermark that I now apply to all my photos. I created a layer in Photoshop (Elements) that contains the watermark. Then I add that layer to the original shot, move the watermark to where it is the least distracting, and save it.


  3. Great! Thanks!


  4. Or just use Lightroom 3 and add your watermark while exporting your pics, waaaaay faster 🙂


  5. I like the photos of the sun coming through the clouds. very nicely done.


  6. Okay, your pictures are pretty awesome. Evidently you have the camera I should have bought. While I was in the cheap section at Best Buy you were in the expensive section…!


  7. Thanks for the comments! Sometimes, I wonder if the camera is a bit over rated, Opinionated. I started with a Nikon L110 point and shoot. If you check out my first 5-6 posts, that’s what I was using. Now I have a Canon 50D. It’s sweet!! The biggest diffence is the control you have over the shot. But hey, you have to go with your budget!


  8. I will look into that Canon 50D. Maybe I can convince my wife that it’s for the family; not just me. Lol!


  9. Believe it or not, that’s pretty much what I did! Good luck, Opinionated. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you’ll come back.


  10. […] here to see), boating on the lake in order to photograph the beautiful lake-side homes (click here to see), and walking through the neighboorhoods to view the various birds and wildlife living in […]


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