What a novel idea – a shot of Big Bear Lake in my rearview mirror.  So, why is it a week later when that thought comes into my mind???  Oh well, I guess my creative juices were on vacation!

The week passed so quickly!  Can someone explain to me why the work week tends to drag and the vacation week evaporates seemingly in an instant?

I have spent the past week trampling through the brush in the middle of the night (while chased by two aggressive bats) to photograph the moon (click here to see), riding the ski lift to the Snow Summit Resort to shoot wildflowers and insects (click here to see), boating on the lake in order to photograph the beautiful lake-side homes (click here to see), and walking through the neighborhoods to view the various birds and wildlife living in the area (click here and here to see).

In the midst of all this activity, I was able to spend some quality time with my family. 

But on this my last night, I wanted to capture the sunset.  It wasn’t spectacular unless you’re like me and actually believe there is no such thing as an ordinary sunset.

I hope you enjoy these final shots of a wonderful week at the lake with the family.

Below, a lonely boat makes a late run across Big Bear lake as the daylight slips into the night.

Unfortunately the clouds were dissipating, stealing the color pallet of this sunset.

With the clouds over the lake nearly gone, I decided to turn and capture the sun’s reflection against this cloud bank resting over the Big Bear Village shops.

Thanks for stopping by.


~ by photographyfree4all on August 6, 2010.


  1. It’s been a wonderful trip for me also, thanks very much for sharing it!


  2. I completely agree… there is no such thing as an ordinary sunset! Every one has it’s own beauty. Thanks for sharing your pictures, I enjoyed them too!


  3. Wow, what beautiful pics…I just started my blog up, but will have to include yours in my blog roll!…Jason


  4. Sounds like you had a great time. Got some great pictures, too.


  5. So sad to watch a sunset knowing it’s the end of a great trip. So nice to see a grand sunset. Great shots, thanks for sharing.


  6. Thanks Enivea. I’m glad you stopped by my blog. I have never been disappointed in a sunset, photobyholly. Thanks for your comment.


  7. Thanks for including me in your blog roll, Jason. I really appreciate your comments. Good luck with your blog!


  8. We had a wonderful time, bobzeller. Thanks for your kind words. And, thanks to you eseltee for your comment. I hope you all will stop by my blog again, soon!


  9. I’m glad you stopped by so I could see your photographs. The sun flare/star is especially nice. You are right, all sunsets have their charms, it is up to us to find them.


  10. “Can someone explain to me why the work week tends to drag and the vacation week evaporates seemingly in an instant?” – I can’t explain it, but I can sure testify to the truth in those words. Lovely photos, as usual!


  11. Mmmm . . . I love the next to last one, with just that one cloud and an otherwise clear sky. . . beautiful. It gives me such a sense of peace.


  12. Thanks Ellen and Jenna for your comments. It is hard not to like a sunset. I hope you’ll visit again.


  13. Thanks for your comment bloomgal7. It did seem to go by quickly.


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