In a follow-up to yesterday’s post, Photography Conundrum, I thought I would summarize and continue down this path that will hopefully lead to clarify.  In reading and responding to your comments from previous posts, I have come to realize that I need to continue to photograph everything that strikes my eye.  Eventually, a particular style of photography will surface and while I may always have periods where I shoot other elements, in all likelihood, I’ll find that particular niche that excites me! And, I’m OK with that.

I’ve learned something in the few months I’ve been blogging – that is the importance of comments.  I probably view comments differently than most bloggers.  I think your comments serve to complete the post.  That’s right!  I think what I write is only the beginning.  The comments that you add continue my thoughts and ideas and ultimately make the post even better than it was in its original form.

Please don’t misunderstand.  When you complement my photographs or when you chuckle at my writing, it’s very nice of you to express those compliments in a comment.  Please keep doing that because those comments encourage me and even add to the post by drawing attention to a specific shot or element of a particular shot. Some comments are short and to the point.  I like those.  Some comments are detailed and offer a consensus of photographic expertise.  I like those, as well.

What I’m trying to say is, I love the comments – not because I need my ego fed, but because I truly believe what you have to say is important!  What you’ve said over the past few months have contributed greatly to the interest of the posts.

With all that in mind, let me introduce you to my grandson, Zach!

Since I wrote about commenting today, I thought it would be appropriate to post two photographs that I think will make it easy for you to add you comments.  These shots have not been edited, they are straight out of the camera.  I’m hoping to post the “before” and “after” shots in a photography tip soon.  So please, click on the link and add to the content of this post.  Then stop back later and read the comments.  If you’re like me and trying to gather any and all the information you possibly can, believe me the comments will help you as much as they help me.  And, if you simply want to express your compliments about the photo, please do that, too. Zach will love it!

Thanks for stopping by.  I’ll see you tomorrow!


~ by photographyfree4all on August 26, 2010.


  1. i find the same thing… sometime we blog for ourselves and sometimes we blog for the opportunity for comment… Zach is a cute grandson… hmmm i have one of my own too and really once i finish doing my holiday blog i should put him up too…hahah then we can compare.. cheers to you… ps jsut love your photos and have found another site if your interest that they could be logged to also..cheers again…


  2. I see a lot of things here:

    1)I see that Zach is a very photogenic child and quite handsome!
    2)I feel that the first photo looks a bit staged, though I could be wrong.
    3)The second photo looks like a candid shot, like you caught him as he was turning and snapped the shot.

    Note, that comment #2 does not take away from the photo in any way, I just have a preference for natural looking shots.

    I enjoy your work. ~ Lynda


  3. This comment was very helpful, realme! Thank you so much for sharing the information about another blog. I would be very interested in that information. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ll continue to contribute with your comments in the future.


  4. Thank you for your comment, Lynda! This is very helpful insight. I appreciate your openness. Your comments make me thing and see the shots from another perspective. Thank you for adding your valuable comments. And, I’m sure Zach will appreciate your kindness, as well.


  5. Good looking kid, great smile all helps. I actually liked the first one and somehow thought his clothing worked well here. He looks like he is just hanging out. The second face close up could be that you captured him as he turned. Staged or not, you captured a really great smile! They are nice photos.


  6. Zach is adorable! I love them both. I like that they are natural and unedited. He has beautiful eyes in the second pic. The angle is perfect.

    Comments are great, I really enjoy the feedback as well.


  7. The lighting and sharp focus of the second photo definitely makes it a winner in my book! Zach’s personality really shines through.


  8. Thanks for contributing to this post with your comment, martina. It’s nearly impossible for me to choose the one I like the best, I think because they’re such different shots, there’s no comparison. It seems everyone will prefer one over the other, though. Thanks for stopping by today. I really appreciate it…and I know Zach does, too! I hope you’ll stop by again, soon.


  9. Well, of course I have to agree with your comment, Angela! I said in an earlier comment reply that I can’t choose. LOL, that’s why there two here instead of one. Thanks for joining in the post with your kind words of comment. I hope you’ll continue to stop by.


  10. Thanks for your helpful comment, Susan. I loved this shoot as I saw Zach’s personality begin to emerge. He was stiff and a bit nervous at first. I know he’ll appreciate your comment, as do I! I hope you’ll stop by again, soon.


  11. A nice little chap here.

    I like the second pic more than the first because the first looks a little flat to me, having said that it will be intresting to see what sort of edit you apply to the first one.

    The second pic I would leave as is, good shot.


  12. Thanks for adding this comment to the post, Mark. When it comes to the editing, I don’t know if I would expect too much. I’m just learning everything and really know very little about editing. Thank you for your kind words regarding the second shot. It’s difficult for me to choose a favorite, but I’m starting to lean toward that one. Thanks for stopping by. I do hope you’ll come back and continue to inject your input into my posts.


  13. To comment….I say 🙂 I really enjoy your posts! Love the photographs and your narration 🙂 Keep them coming…



  14. Thank you, Janice, for your kind words! I just love the fact that we have this opportunity to interact. I’m hoping and trying to encourage everyone to get involved. We’ll all profit from it! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ll come back, soon.


  15. I like comments too. They can lead down paths I might not otherwise have seen or taken.

    What a handsome grandson you have! I don’t think they need any editing, but I do understand that sometimes editing will make a good photo great. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them. 🙂


  16. That’s exactly what I’m talking about, Robin! Oftentimes, something I don’t even think about will be brought to light by a reader in their comment. I hope evryone really understands that’s what I’m striving to achieve. It creates a type of forum setting where everyone benefits. Thanks for your kind words! I know Zach will appreciate them, as well as I. I hope you’ll stop by again, soon!


  17. I enjoy following your blog – and I agree, that comments are an important part of the posts, communication makes us wise – and more communication makes us wiser…. My problem is, that I haven’t the time to comment all the blogs and posts I read. I prefer pictures as the central element in posts I read (and make in my own blog) – and I must admit, that I sometimes only look at your pictures!!! (sorry!) – and I only write comments to some (of the most interesting) posts of the blogs I read…


  18. That’s OK, Truels! If you want to stop by for the pictures, I feel flattered that you would consider them good enough to view. That’s why I think it’s great for some to simply leave a short comment, or even no comment. That’s OK, too. I hope you’ll keep stopping by, and maybe every once in a while you’ll leave a “Hi” for us here! Thanks!


  19. Zach’s smile makes both photos. His energy is what gives photography life.


  20. PS. About comments–blogging can be a two way street and that’s the fun and use of it for all sorts of reasons. Blogging is a way of communicating and so–if there were no comments, who would know anything about the sudience’s response?


  21. Thanks for this comment. I really appreciate the nice words, as will Zach.


  22. Great pictures of Zach! Handsome boy! He is getting quite grownup looking.


  23. Thank you Miss betty. Zach will appreciate your nice words.


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