It’s Friday!!  I know it happens every week, but it’s still exciting isn’t it?  I’m especially excited because I’m heading off to an all day photography class tomorrow!

I thought I would start this Friday off with another shot of my granddaughter.  Two weeks ago she agreed to spend the day as my model for a photo shoot rehearsal.  This was our first ever photo shoot and I’m not sure who was more nervous, me or her.  You can see another photo from this shoot on one of my previous posts.

I would be happy to receive some of your expert advice as to what your editing process might be for this photo and the one from my previous post.  Both shots are straight from the camera.  I have PS Elements 8. 

Also, any comments from you about this shot would be very welcome.  Is it a bad shot?  Is it a good shot?  What would you have done differently?

And now the moment we’ve all been waiting for…

Receiving 45% of the vote…


Thank you for making this Friday Favorite a success!

I’m so glad you stopped by today.  I hope you’ll offer some help on the editing process and the photo evaluation.  Whatever you have to contribute will help me as well as everyone who follows this blog!  So, let’s get those comments coming in.



~ by photographyfree4all on September 10, 2010.

22 Responses to “FRIDAY FAVORITE – AND MORE”

  1. Thanks for sharing the “Friday Favorite”, and that’s a great photo of your granddaughter BTW!

    I cannot offer expert advice because I’m not a pro photographer, but I sure recognize and appreciate great photos when I see them.

    Also, regarding my comment about posting with “tags” and “categories”, today I just posted my “Pic of the Day” using “categories” and what do you know, the photo still showed up on the WordPress pages… go figure, huh?

    Have a great weekend! And Happy Photoshooting!



  2. What I love about the shot is the wonderfully candid smile she has, and the way you caught her hair circling her face. But, I think it would be even more eye-popping if the strands didn’t cover her left eye.

    I really think everything else looks perfect–the lighting, focus and dof.

    Glad the surfer came first!


  3. Okay, I am not a people photographer per se, but here my comments. First this new one, is in a word just “beautiful”. I don’t see a thing that I would do different, unless the girl wanted that spot on her chin, (a beauty mark?)to be removed with the spot-healing brush. But otherwise a great photo of a vivacious, lively looking girl

    Now about the previous post. I would definitely clone out that blue strip down the right side of the photo, and possibly do something about the area in the upper-left corner. I think that those are both distractions to an otherwise good photo.



  4. Thank you for adding your comment to this post, Barb! I’m much like you – not a professional photographer (although I do have some of my work that is being used professionally), but certainly very interested in learning. And, I know what I like! I cannot explain your cooment/tag dilemma! Every time I’m not included a tag, my post goes nowhere on the WordPress site. I’m glad you stopped by! Come back again, soon.


  5. Thank you for this comment, heather. In many ways, I feel the same way about the shot. In a shot like this, the hair is always one of the problematic areas – mainly because it’s going in every direction! You should have seen some the shots I didn’t use! 🙂 Thanks for dtopping by and contributing to this post!


  6. Bob, thank you for stopping by! It’s funny how additional eyes can help you see things. Thank you for your comments on the first shot. And, your ideas about the second one seem to be very good to me – definitely worth “tinkering with.” I’m really not a people photographer either. In fact, I think it must be very high pressure to photograph people you don’t know – you know, getting everything right, making them happy. Anyway, thanks for you ideas!


  7. I wish to focus on portraits in the future – and I hope to find some people, who has the courage to be model for this. You are lucky to have your granddaughter – and this photo is funny, but I prefer the previous (more traditional!) portrait 🙂


  8. Well, I have to say I think the first shot is my favorite, too. Thanks for stopping by, Truels. This photo session did cost me lunch and ice cream. But, that was fine with me! I enjoyed both. I’m glad you left this comment. I hope you’ll come back soon.


  9. I like this shot of your granddaughter, it has movement, vitality and a great smile! 🙂
    I am not a pro, post-processing is very subjective for me, I do things “I” would like, not what I expect others to want me to do 🙂


  10. Wow–you have a gorgeous blog and how do you get the images so big–I am doing good just to get anything on the bare page. Stunning


  11. I’m so glad you stopped by, Joanne! When I upload a picture, I just click the full-size icon and upload. However, the original size of your photo may be the determining factor. If it’s just a thumbnail, even the full size option will be small. You can click on the image in your post draft and find an option to shrink and enlarge. You might try that. Thank you for this kind comment! I hope you’ll come back, soon!


  12. Thank you Michael! I agree about the post processing. I don’t want to over do it. I just wanted to clean it up a bit if that would help. Maybe soften a little. Thanks for stopping by!


  13. This is an exquisite shot. I couldn’t wait to check out your blog as I love photography too! You have some hummers! I’ll be back..


  14. Thank you for this very nice comment, Marsha! I’m so glad you stopped by. Come back again. – we’re always talking about different aspects of photography!


  15. I think She is beautiful! I love the expressiveness which is truly her character… 🙂 I am looking forward to many more lovely pictures like this one!


  16. Hi Renee. Thais for your comment. I’m so glad you stopped by.


  17. I love the free spirit of your photo of your loved one. Beautiful, I hope you share your posing techniques. Thanks for sharing. Love to see the beauty from the perspective of a camera. Elena


  18. I love both of the photos of your grand daughter. She is growing into a very pretty young lady.

    I voted for the Mountain top picture but I’m glad the surfer won after studying it I think I like it the best.

    I love your blog and all the pictures that you post. They are all so pretty and very interesting. And i get to see places in Orange County that I didn’t know existed. Keep up the good work!!


  19. This is a really great shot! The composition, movement, dof, and lighting are right on. There is a lot of energy in this picture!
    Were you shooting in continuous? Do you have a similar shot without the minor distraction of her hair over her left eye? If so I would love to see that ont too!


  20. Thanks for your comment, Bryan. I really appreciate your kind words. I was shooting in continuous. I have an abundance of shots where her hair is not covering her eye, but the expression is not as good as in this one. I decided maybe the glimpse of an eye partially covered by her hair would be mysterious in some way. Thanks for stopping by!


  21. That it does. Again, great shot that conveys emotion.


  22. Thanks, Bryan. You’re very kind to say that. Please come back and visit, soon.


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