Today is somewhat of a milestone for me.  September 25, marks the 4 month anniversary of Photographyfree4all!  In 4 short months I’ve managed to write 87 posts and share hundreds of photographs!  You…yes, I’m talking to you…have been amazing with your photography insight and comments!  I have to attribute a lot of what I’m learning to you!

When I think about that first day and the 6 people who visited this site (Thank you family!), I’m humbled when I look at the maps and counters that were only activated on 9/7/10, and see the number of people from all over the world who have visited and commented on various posts.  To all of you, I say “Thank You!”

I don’t believe I mentioned it, but last Sunday I became the rather proud owner of a new bike!  It’s pretty cool!  I’ll be posting some shots from my first beach ride in a few days!  It’s going to be a hot weekend for some who live in the Southern California valleys.  But, not for me!  I’ll be at the beach where I’m expecting lots of sunshine and temperatures around 75 degrees!  Autumn?  According to the calendar, yes.  According to the thermometer, no!

And now without further delay, the winner is…(don’t think for a moment I don’t know that you’ve already peeked)…

This week saw a record number of people voting, but was the closest vote ever.  With only 20% of the vote, your winner is “The Variegated Fall Leaves.”

Thanks to everyone who voted!  If you missed out on this vote, stop by next Friday where you’ll have another opportunity to vote for your Friday Favorite!


~ by photographyfree4all on September 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “AND THE WINNER IS…”

  1. Beautiful photographs here at your digs. Love the single red leaf processing… maybe someday I’ll delve into some processing techniques. Thanks for visiting my blog… I’ll be visiting yours often… very nice!


  2. Thanks for sharing your comment here, KC! I really glad you stopped by! The single red leaf was my first attempt at that specific coloring technique. It was fun to try! I hope you will stop by again, soon.


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