This is a repost of blog post #2.  I shot these with my first camera, which was a Nikon L110 point and shoot.  As most of you know, I have since upgraded to a Canon 50D. For many of you, this will be new.  For my earliest readers, you may remember these shots!


WOW!  Congratulations to those of you who have found my blog and started this journey with me!  Maybe you’re feeling a little hesitant to become involved.  Don’t worry.  I’m nervous, too!  In fact, I hesitate to post my pictures because I feel you may be so much more experienced than I.  But, it’s a great way for all of us to track my progress.  I’m willing to put myself out there and invite you to join me in this journey. I not only want your input…I need it!  I can’t wait to read your comments.

Our first stop is THE CAMERA.  I’ve started to research online and visit some local stores.  But, I have so many questions.  Am I smart to start with an entry-level DSLR? Or, would it be a wise move to wait a while in order to purchase a more intermediate DSLR?  Are there significant performance differences between Canon and Nikon?  How many megapixels do I need for enlargements?  What camera do you use?  I welcome your ideas and expertise!

Last weekend while waiting for a Pacific sunset, I decided to photograph some pre-sunset pictures at the Huntington Beach, California pier.

I Photographed Ruby’s on the HB pier approximately 45 minutes before the sun began to set.  Everyone was clamoring into position for what would prove to be a magnificent end to a beautiful day.

Waiting for the sun to sink further into the late afternoon sky, I turned and noticed a beautiful moon quietly preparing to illuminate the night sky.

Looking westward toward the Huntington Beach pier, the fading sun presents a stark contrast to the foreground elements.

Finally the setting sun presents an aura that fills the evening sky, abandoning the day with a magnificent crescendo.

There’s nothing quite as beautiful as a Southern California sunset.  And there’s nothing more beautiful that a sunset in “Surf City, USA!”

This Memorial Day weekend will find me searching for new and exciting photographic opportunities.  So, check back on Tuesday to see where I’ve been.

Now, let’s hear what you have to say about my CAMERA purchase.

Thanks for stopping by.

Oh, I almost forgot.  Bob asked about a wonderful Texas sunrise I captured a few years ago.  So, I thought I would use it as my header for a week, or so.

I’ll see you with a new post tomorrow!


~ by photographyfree4all on September 27, 2010.


  1. […] I know I’ve learned one thing.  I loved this photo shoot!  But, I still have a craving to go out tonight and shoot the sunset, like I did here. […]


  2. I am not a professional but I too am passionate about taking photos. I have a Nikon D70. I can not tell you the difference between cameras or what level you should start but I can tell you that I adore the one I have 🙂


  3. The sunset shots are fantastic! Love them.


  4. Thank you fro stopping by and sharing this comment, Doris. I really appreciate your kind words. I hope you’ll stop by again.


  5. I’m so glad you stopped by today, Kari! I, too, can’t seem to get enough photography in my life! I hope you’ll stop by again, soon.


  6. Great photos! The light is great in the pier photo. I like the sunset shots too! The bottom one is the one for me : I find the composition works best and is less cluttered than in the top one…
    Thanks for sharing these!


  7. Nice new header by the way!


  8. Thank you, Kai! I actually shot this with my IPhone about 2 years ago while driving through the Texas Panhandle early one December morning. Thanks for stopping by.


  9. I’m glad you left this comment, Kai. I have to admit, I knew very nothing about photography when I took these shots 4 months ago. I had just bought my camera and wanted to try it out. I now can see some composition changes I might make. But, I do appreciate your kind words. I hope you’ll stop by again, soon.


  10. Thanks for showing that great Texas sunset. I appraeciate you giving us a “re-run” as you said, some of us are new to your blog. All of your photos are just great.



  11. New to me and I would say your first photo post was some very successful shots. I still shoot with a P&S… soon I hope to upgrade. These take me back to my first visit to southern Cali. I had no idea that sunsets were such an “event” and not just for a few minutes for an entire hour or so just sitting there enjoying the beauty. I absolutely LOVED it… didn’t want to come home… cried as a matter of fact. : )


  12. Thanks for stopping by, Bob. Actually, it’s a Texas sunrise. Either way, they sure can do it up right in Texas! My schedule dictated the re-run! Crazy week.


  13. Hi KC! Thanks for stopping by and sharing this comment! I have been able to capture some great shots with a point and shoot. But, I have so much more control with a DSLR. But hey, until you can upgrade – enjoy the point and shoot! Just keep shooting and sharing. I hope you’ll stop by again, soon!


  14. …And, the sunsets here are pretty amazing!!


  15. These are great! My favorite is the one with the palms at sunset, hnsunsetw3.jpg. Wow. I really like that. And, of course, I’m thoroughly enjoying browsing through the rest of your photos too. I’ve gone through a few months of doing almost no photography. Which meant that when I went to Hilton Head, I was woefully out of practice. I’d forgotten so much! Oy!

    Peace be with you! 🙂


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