This was the closest vote to date!  The top three shots were only separated by a few votes.  Every vote makes a difference.

But, this week’s Friday Favorite is…

Thanks for stopping by to vote!

~ by photographyfree4all on October 2, 2010.

9 Responses to “AND THE WINNER IS…”

  1. Was my favorite! I struggled between this one and Long Beach night shot.
    Have a great week and Happy Photographing!


  2. So nice. The haze around the pier is stunning.


  3. That’s interesting. Out of the 2 sunset shots, I would have definitely chosen the lamppost one. Still a great shot though!


  4. I can see why it was the winner. Gorgeous golden light.


  5. I know, I liked the night skyline of Long Beach a lot! Thanks for stopping by and voting, Barb. I’m glad your favorite won!!


  6. Thanks for this comment, Iheartfilm! I’m gald you stopped by. I have to say, the orange does create somewhat of an aura in these sunsets. Thanks!


  7. It’s a toss up with me on these two sunset shots. The fact that you can see the outline of the sun behind the palms does give a certain attraction. But, it’s always very interesting to see how everyone sees things with a different eye. I like that! Thanks for stopping by, Kai.


  8. Thank you for your compliment, Robin. I do like the orange of this sunset. I’m really glad you stopped by today.


  9. very well deserved winner


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