Since the inception of Photographyfree4all, personal information has been minimal at best – even non-existent most of the time.  Some have been inquisitive in their communications, to which I have creatively responded by dancing around the subject. It seems everyone has their opinion as to how much personal information should be shared in an online blog.  Some of you are very forthright, while others are more reserved.  I tend to err on the side of reservation…at least for a while.

From my very first post, I was determined to make this blog about the photography rather than the photographer.  I was beginning a journey and I was hoping someone might want to come along.  I was certain it didn’t really matter who was behind the camera.  After all, it would seem the true value of this blog would certainly be found in the photos.  But the more I read your blogs and see your photographs – and certainly, the more I communicate with you through comments, the more I find myself wondering if something’s missing.  Maybe there should be more.

When I shared my early frustration stemming from what I deemed to be a minor photography slump, I was astonished, not by just the mere number of comments, but also by the sincerity of your responses.  So many of you empathized with what I was experiencing.  And not only did you empathize with me, but you were quick to offer your help.  It may not have meant much to you, but to me – it was eye-opening! Every person who responded to that post encouraged me in some way.  I have already implemented some of your suggestions with varying degrees of success.  One of the many comments sent to me that day came from a gentleman named Sam, and it went something like this: “Quite honestly, when I am in a true slump, I get out and shoot photos of mundane things.”

With that in mind, I offer these mundane shots.  That’s right, these shots are from my office – that singular habitat where each Photographyfree4all blog post is created and published.  BUT WAIT!  There’s more to this shoot than meets the eye at first glance.  These are not simply mundane office trinkets distributed on shelves and placed around my office for mere decoration.  Not at all.  They are, in fact, signposts of a life that my mother once termed as “exciting.”

If one takes only a brief glance and quickly moves on to their next daily task, they will likely miss the importance of each shot. 

A rather simple shot with an Asahi Pentax camera in the foreground.

A somewhat insignificant plant creates a camouflage for one of the many shelves of books.

Here’s an interesting shot of two books lying horizontally on a bookshelf.  The question is, are they the subject of the photo?

A unique perspective of a simple setting.  What could this tell the casual observer?

A plant, more books – is there a story behind one of the books?

Is this a special car? 

So, what have you discovered?  Have you come up with anything, yet?  Let me help you with one rather obvious distinction.  Based on the fact that I noticed many of the shots included a plant, I would say this person tends to believe indoor plants accent the creation of a more decorative office interior!

With your indulgence I repeat my earlier statement.  If one takes only a brief glance and quickly moves on to their next daily task, they will likely miss the importance of each shot.   But, if you look closely at everything in the photos, you will see a life begin to unfold before your very eyes.

I’m glad you stopped by!  I hope you’ll come back again, or even consider subscribing if you would like to receive regular updates.


~ by photographyfree4all on October 6, 2010.


  1. Seemingly mundane things are beautiful because they paint a vivid portrait of a person’s life. Each object has a story behind it, a memory, or maybe even a dream. Objects are a way to make the thoughts in our heads tangible…and I love this post because it offers some insight into who you are. 🙂


  2. I can see you’ve been having fun playing around here! There are some great, really intimate photos. I particularly like the aeroplane shot: The DOF is great and makes the photo of the Eiffel Tower in the background stand out in a kind of casual way, if that’s possible! Also the composition is excellent but still seems really casual. It’s an inspiring insight into an unknown life.


  3. I loved it! Thanks for sharing your personality. The things that touch you, and make you who you are, are in that office. You love the speed of a car, or the ability for a plane to take off, a plant, shows that you cherish life….You see life, through the lens of your own soul, and as you do, you grow, to who the dear Lord really made you to be! I loved it, thanks for letting us get a peek at who you are. It was like sitting in your office, and having a conversation, without saying anything…..


  4. I also like the shot of the old plane and Eiffel Tower poster. So, are you a stunt plane pilot who spends part of the year in Paris? 🙂


  5. You are spot on with your comment, Jolene. Each of these shots represent an important part of who I am. One may represent a memory, while another a dream or accomplishment! Thank you for stopping by today. I do hope you’ll come back again, soon.


  6. What began as a self assigned project, quickly developed into so much more, Kai. The way my mind began to work as I gazed through my viewfinder was almost magical, in that I almost instantly realized as I was taking these shots that they were so much more than arbitrary items collecting dust! I’m so glad you stopped by today and contributed this comment.


  7. I love your analagy, Elena! It’s like having a conversation without really saying anything! In their strictest reality, these photographs say far more than I am probably willing to reveal. But, you have to know how to interpret each shot! That’s what makes it so interesting! Thanks for sharing this comment today!


  8. Ms. Pearl, you are hillarious!! But I have to say, not quite correct! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and leaving some humor to make our day!


  9. I actually quite like to have fun by taking photos of things around me. We find the things we see around us all the time to be mundane, but people not living our lives wouldn’t. Then again, things like opening up the aperture always make for cool photos 🙂


  10. You are dreaming of flying off to Paris for an antique car show! 😉
    I know you are undecided about how much info to share on a blog, but any chance of a first name? You have a similar email address to another photographer who sometimes comments on my blog, and I often think your comments are his when I first read my email notifications, and have almost called you “Scott” occasionally because of that.


  11. Ah Karma, the direct approach! I’ll take that under consideration! thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate your comment – I had to chuckle a bit when I read it. 🙂


  12. This is a lovely post – thanks for this glimpse into your life… you do realize that every picture you share gives us a little look as well. 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend of exploration.


  13. I actually enjoyed this small self-assigned challenge, Dawn. As I was taking these shots, I realized how much these items really spoke about my life. I’m glad you stopped by today.


  14. Well, FIRST, I’ve learned that I desperately need to CLEAN my office! 🙂

    SECOND, you have a really nice space to create in! I never would have thought to photograph the things in my office. It is so very small, but hmmmm, it DOES contain some interesting things. You always DO seem to get me thinking!


  15. This comment brought a smile to my face. I tend to be very particular about my creative space/office. Most people who come to my office ask me who decorated it for me. Just me! Thanks for this comment, Milkay. I hope you’ll stop by again, soon.


  16. […] weeks ago, I posted several pictures from one of my self-imposed photo shoot assignments.  (Click here to see those photos)  They were pictures carefully crafted from the simple settings of my […]


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