All this time I’ve been replying to comments only to discover they only appear on the blog post!  Can you believe that?  I thought when I chose the “reply” option, the comment reply would be posted to the blog and sent to your email address.  That would seem logical to me.  I actually thought “reply” meant that you would receive a reply.  Unfortunately, you’ll only receive a reply if you come back to the post and peruse the comments again.  To those of you who have left over 1800 comments, I want you to know that I appreciate every single one of those comments.  And, I have “replied” to all of them,  But you probably didn’t realize that because they only appear in the comment section of the post.  Oh well, I have learned something today! I think that’s a good thing…right?

While doing some night shooting in Huntington Beach over the weekend, look what sneaked up behind me!  Unfortunately, I couldn’t change my perspective at this particular time to allow for a more interesting foreground.

I should have some of the night shots up by late Monday.

Thanks for stopping by!  Don’t forget, if you leave a comment – I will reply!!  So, stop back – every once in a while I actually have something interesting to say!  🙂


~ by photographyfree4all on October 24, 2010.

17 Responses to “A WORD ABOUT COMMENTS”

  1. Hi, thought, I would also share, with you and your readers, that if you have a WordPress account…. You can track your comments, via, “My Account” on the top left link. And then you can view your comments as well. Hope that helps, if they are new to wordpress. Thats how I view everything I comment on, and get comments from others for my blog. http://elenasjustmythoughts.wordpress.com

    Thanks for sharing. I like the moon light photo….


  2. When people comment, they also get the choice to be notified via email of any follow up comments. It does mean however they also get everyone else’s comments…which may or may not be a good thing, depending how many there are!

    Love the moon shot. Saw a moon like that the other night here in the UK but I was driving and couldn’t stop to photograph it 😦


  3. I always check back to your blog to see if you had replied. But Elena has a great idea, too. I also check the box below to notify me of follow-up comments, if I remember to.



  4. Nice shot, there’s a lovely ambiance that I can’t quite put words to. I look forward to seing more of your night shots!
    About comments, I always reply to comments on my blog, and always check for replys when I’ve posted a comment on someone else’s blog. So yes, I have seen every single reply to every comment I made on your blog! (although I don’t think I’ve made 1800 quite!)


  5. I think Elena’s and the others’ comments pretty much covers what I was going to share regarding comments. Yes, we can all access the “comments” we’ve made –and the replies, responses and continuing threads–via our own blog accounts. These do not remain static–they update as we make more comments. Oh and it is possible to return to comments on other blogs via the “comments” section. Yep, from your own dashboard you can open another window to where you’ve been visiting. No harm, no foul, Photofree4…


  6. Yeah the reply thing can be a bit lame, but there are ways and means of seeing the replies from your blog dashboard. Love night shooting too so I can’t wait to see what else you got…


  7. thanks for this tip, Elena! I’ve seen those boxes you can check if you want follow up comments. But, if there are a lot of additional comments posted you get all of thoase as well. I guess that’s OK, but some don’t want all that activity. I wish there was an easier way to post personal replies. I’m glad you follow your comments.


  8. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Diane. I’m not sure I could ever get used to driving in the UK! Thanks for leaving this comment!


  9. Thanks for stopping by, Bob! I’m really glad you check back because we can dialog about the particular post, which we’ve done in the past! At least that’s a good thing! Keep checking that box…


  10. I’m subscribed and usually subscribe to the comments as well so I’ll see any follow-up. I was really glad when WordPress came up with that as I would frequently forget to check back for replies.

    Lovely moon. 🙂


  11. Thanks, Kai! I’m working on getting the other shots up. I actually went to shoot the sunset and on my way back to my car, I decided to grab some night shots on the way. Too bad I didn’t have my tripod with me. I’ll have to go back with it because I can be a lot more creative with long exposures with a tripod. I’m glad you stopped by!


  12. Thanks for helping with this additional information, 47! I really do think it would be nice if a copy of the comment went directly to the original sender, too. It doesn’t seem like it would be that difficult. Maybe someday…


  13. I always enjoy shooting at night, FS! For me it’s seeing the progress I’ve made. My first night shots were a mixture of hits and misses…more misses than anything. Now, I feel I’m doing a little better – and a little more consistent. I’m glad you stopped by, FS!


  14. I’m really glad you’re a subscriber, Robin! I know several people don’t suscribe because they don’t really want any unnecessary mail in their inbox. I get that! But, I’m glad you and so many others don’t mind. 🙂 Thanks for following closely and for contributing so often with your comments. I always appreciate them!




  16. Lovely moon shot!
    clicking the notify of follow-ups guarantee that I know when you reply 🙂


  17. Thanks for the compliment here, Michael! I’m glad you checked the box to get follow up comments. It means someone is reading my responses – which is always nice to know.


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