Back from a short hiatus, it’s once again time to vote for your FRIDAY FAVORITE!  Each Friday, we post the shots from the previous week asking you to vote for your favorite.  It doesn’t have to be the “best” shot of the week, just the one you happened to like the best.

So, take a look and cast your vote!

Moon at HB

Sunset with Surfer

Sunset – Wide Angle

Sunset – Close Up

HB promenade

HB Pier

Sandy’s Grill

Ruby’s at Night

Lifeguard Station #5

Thanks for stopping by and placing your vote!  I hope you’ll check back tomorrow to see the winner!

~ by photographyfree4all on October 28, 2010.


  1. Oh my!!! this is a hard decision. I liked “Surfer at sunset” and “Lifeguaed station #5” equally. I’m not sure which one I actually voted for as I went back and forth a few times and I’m not sure which one ended up the winner.


  2. I’d been wondering what had happened to the Friday Favorites! 🙂 Nice to vote again!


  3. All of them so beautiful–but, especially Lifeguard Station #5.


  4. They’re all great, Steve, but I went with the Sunset and Surfer.



  5. I know exactly what you mean, Miss Betty! I shake my head each time wondering which shot I would vote for. I’m glad you stopped by and voted today! No matter how you may have ended up voting! 🙂


  6. My vote was for sunset with surfer. The orange color right below him really draws your eye into the scene. Great job!


  7. This is a hard decision for me. I love both “Sunset Wide Angle” and “Lifeguard.” I will go with “Lifeguard” as my favorite this week because of the full moon. However, put me down as having difficulty deciding between the two. Too bad we can’t have two winners. 🙂
    Have a blessed day and I look forward to tomorrow’s post.


  8. It seems the last two weeks haven’t produced enough shots to warrant a Friday Favorite, Kai! But hopefully, they’re back for good! Thanks for voting today. Be sure to stop by to see the winner!


  9. Thanks for voting, Heather! I really loved the blue hues in that nigt shot! And, the moon! I really glad you stopped today.


  10. Hey thanks, Bob! I really got excited when I saw the surfer coming into my shot! I decided to place him right smack in the reflection, giving me only one shot to capture him. Funny how photography happens sometimes, isn’t it? Thanks for stopping by and casting your vote, Bob!


  11. Thanks, Michael. I was just commenting to Bob how I captured that shot. I have to say, without the surfer it isn’t as interesting. Thanks for voting today!


  12. I like Sunset with surfer because he adds depth and interest, and the reflection on the sand just behind him is dynamic.


  13. Lovely set, but I think you know which I voted on 🙂 Keep Shooting!


  14. Definitely Sunset wide angle for me! I love the golden hues in the sunset – they add a different dimension to the shot. I’ve enjoyed watching your photography develop (no pun intended) through the months 🙂


  15. WOW! He’s becoming very popular if you’re paying attention to some of the other comments! Thanks for voting, Kate!


  16. I do, Michael! I’m glad you stopped by and voted! Be sure to stop by tomorrow to see the winner.


  17. Thanks, Car54! I know I can see some improvement. I don’t know if it always shows in my shots, but I will say this – I don’t trash as many as I once did! I’m glad you stopped by today!


  18. My vote was for Promenade because it’s people, places and things all at once. Good blog, good stuff.


  19. Thanks for stopping by and voting today, Gary! I hope you’ll stop by tomorrow to see the winner!


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