I know it happened!  It happens every year!  Sometime around October or November, I say “Goodbye” to summer.  I thought I had said my farewells this year.  In fact, I even blogged about it here!

In reality I was saying “Goodbye” to summer, but not to summer-like weather!!  A 78 degree weekend brought out the explorer in me!  Don’t you just love to explore with the idea of making new discoveries?  I do!  It’s all about new sights, new people, new restaurants (it’s especially about new restaurants!), and new hikes!  That’s what really drove me to head further than usual down the California coast over the weekend.

In a recent Sunset Magazine, I had discovered a small article about the Dana Point Natural Preserve – a newly opened 29.4 acre area of natural vegetation and wildlife located on the cliffs overlooking the Dana Point Marina and the spectacular Pacific Ocean!  Complete with hiking trails and strategic viewing areas and located only 25 miles south of Huntington Beach, this was sure to be a great place to spend this beautiful summer-like day!

As you can see from the photograph below, even the drive up to the preserve contained some pretty amazing views!

Once at the top, you could easily see Catalina Island to the west!  Unfortunately, it was late enough in the day for the sun to interfere with any shots in that direction.  But if you simply turned to the south, you could easily capture the beauty of the Dana Point Marina and the Pacific Ocean – as seen in the photograph below.

It was a grand day that ended with dinner at the newly opened Sandy’s Beach Grill right on the sand in Huntington Beach!  You can see a unique night shot of the restaurant here.  Sandy’s is a part of the world-famous Duke’s Restaurant family, which is located directly above Sandy’s.  It was very summer-like to watch the sun sinking behind the Huntington Beach Pier, while the street musicians gathered to greet the twilight.

I feel I must apologize to those of you who may be experiencing the beginnings of a much different winter season.  I’m planning to drive to the mountains in a few weeks to visit winter!  I find winter a splendid place to visit!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you’ll consider sharing a comment about your weekend!  I’d love to hear about it!

~ by photographyfree4all on November 15, 2010.


  1. I love the winding lines from the road and the tree which frame the photo nicely. And yes, I have a different kind of winter here, so your post makes me want to move! Great views you’ve captured.


  2. Lovely photos, Steve. I especially like that first one. You have framed the scene very nicely with that tree.



  3. Hey thanks, Bob! I thought the lines of the opposite “S” like curves created an interesting setting for that shot! Plus, I just like winding lines any time they’re in the frame. Nice to hear from you, Bob! Thanks!


  4. I was just replying to Bob about my love for winding lines in any shot! Uh-oh, it must be starting to get a bit cooler where you live. Maybe if I keep the warm posts coming through your winter, it will make it seem shorter. Or, could it be that it will have the opposite effect? Thanks for sharing this comment, Martina! I do really appreciate it.


  5. We call these ‘bonus days’ and I agree, there is nothing better! 🙂 Looks like you had a picture perfect day!

    P.S. your night shots of Sandy’s are awesome!


  6. Love that first picture with the twisted trunk. 78 degrees!… sigh.


  7. Wow looks lovely weather! I said goodbye to summer weeks ago and we’re already in short days and frosty mornings 😦

    The weekend in the UK wasn’t too bad though and despite the cold, the clear blue skies brought some great photo opportunities.

    I love those crispy cold days and it’s inspired me to set my next photo challenge so pop by and join in!

    Your photos have warmed me up significantly 🙂


  8. It did turn out to be an interesting shot! I was on my knees, standing upright, stooping under another branch – all trying to gain that oh so interesting perspective! 🙂 You know what I mean…you just can’t let a shot go until you’ve captured it from every possible angle. Sorry about the 78 degrees. No, really! I am. Thanks for adding your comment to this post, Heather! I really appreciate it.


  9. I like that…”bonus days!” I have to admit, we do get our fair share of those bonus days here, Tracy!! I certainly can’t complain. Thanks for stopping by and also commenting on the night shots post! I really appreciate your input about photography! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your comments.


  10. I’m experiencing summer too. Or at least summer-like, since I am currently in San Diego where the weather has been fine. It’ll probably be snowing when I go home. lol!

    I love the way you composed that first shot. Beautiful!


  11. It was lovely weather, Helen! I love your photo challenges! I do enjoy cool, crisp mornings sometimes! You know, those mornings when you can see you breath and the air is so crisp it seems to make everything crackle! I’m so glad you stopped by today! And, thank you for adding your comment to the mix here. Great comment! Thanks!


  12. If you have the time and if you like burgers, you’ve got to track down Hodads in Ocean Beach, Robin! I’ve also heard they were supposed to open one in San Diego. But, OB isn’t far from SD! It’s definitely worth a Google to see if you’re nearby! Enjoy the weather – although, I think a cooling trend is beginning tomorrow with rain toward the end of the week! But, rain can be good too! Thanks for leaving this comment, too! I really appreciate it, Robin!


  13. That first shot of the unusual tree and the road winding up to the preserve is gorgeous – a really nice composition 🙂


  14. I love Dana Point! Beautiful shots.


  15. Thank you, Truels! I was telling another reader about the different positions I went through trying for the perfect perspective. I was on the ground, sitting, standing…it was pretty funny! I do appreciate your kind words. And, thanks for stopping by and adding this comment!


  16. I fell in love with dana Point some 30 years ago – the first time I saw it! I don’t get down there as much as I once did…only 2-3 times a year. But, it’s still just as beautiful as ever. Thanks for stopping by, Miss pearl!


  17. Excellent shots! I like the first in particular: the way you’ve framed it with the twisting trunk, with the road repeating but inversing the form… Love it!
    I wish we had an Indian summer like you! But I also think I’d miss not having a true winter. For some reason, I’ve always been attracted to temperature extremes: either the very hot or the very cold! But our climate is very mild and winters are just chilly and grey, although luckily the (much colder!) mountains are very close.


  18. Thank you, Kai! Sometimes, I do miss the experience of a cold winter. But when those feelings surface, I usually take a day and visit the mountains – catch some skiing in the snow, and then return to the comforts of a warm climate. That usually happens about twice a year! I’m really glad you stopped by today! Thanks!


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