SPLISH SPLASH – Inspiration by Bob Zeller

It’s an interesting thing – this blogging.  Through a medium that wasn’t even available as recently as 10 years ago, complete strangers become acquainted and begin a relationship unimaginable by people from past generations.  I’m not certain interesting is even the correct adjective.  To many, including myself, it’s amazing – even magical!

One of the many people I’ve met in this blogosphere (I’m pretty sure that wasn’t even a word 5 years ago) is Bob Zeller.  Bob is a primo bird enthusiast!  I would definitely encourage you to check out his blog.  If you’ve paid any attention to the comments, then you know that Bob is one of the many regular Photographyfree4all comment contributors.  He has shared detailed evaluations of many of my shots, and provided insight and suggestions along the way.    One of the tips Bob shared when I last photographed a Great Egret was to ramp down my exposure to capture more of the feathering detail.  With that inspiration, I headed back down to the Bolsa Chica Ecological Preserve in Huntington Beach.  However, the sun was so bright it still washed out some of the detail toward the neck.

Even with that flaw, I liked the way the water turned out in this shot.  And, the fact that he actually had his beak open ready for capture.

Bob also has created a great calendar for 2011!  Seriously, it’s better than anything you’ll find at the mall!  I received mine last week and already know where it’s going to hang.  It’s very reasonable and purchasing it is as easy as jumping onto his site and making contact with him.  While you’re over there, take a look around at some of his work.  It’s pretty amazing!

So thank you, Bob!

I think it would be a great idea to share some photos and blog posts with each other.  I know I would gladly post some of your shots, attributing full credit to you.  I would also link the post to your blog so my readers could visit your site.  Is that a good idea, or is there a problem I’m not seeing?

What do you think?

P.S. Very exciting news about this particular photograph!!

I’ll share that news in an upcoming blog post this week!


~ by photographyfree4all on November 29, 2010.

30 Responses to “SPLISH SPLASH – Inspiration by Bob Zeller”

  1. Nice reflection!

    Can’t wait to hear your news. I added you as a contact on flickr.


  2. I think it is admirable, and very nice of you, to acknowledge your friend Bob. I also, get his block, after viewing his comments, to you, and find his photographs, and tips, are a great resource. I just read a blog from him recently about how he met his wife, and I thought, it was a beautiful tribute. Thanks for the recommendations…..


  3. I meant blog…not blocks…lol


  4. I see no problem with that at all. Might be interesting to try that. We could get discussions from both places. By the way, that is a fine shot of the Great Egret. Shooting in bright sun with those harsh shadows is very difficult, especially with a white subject. I think you handled it nicely, as well as I could have done. I love how you caught the action with the egret catchingthe fish. By the way, be sure to catch my Bird of The Week post coming up on Thursday. I’ve already wrote it and I have saved the draft. And I’m itching to publish it. It deals with a similar situation. Not with the sun, but a bird catching a fish. And I’m glad you liked the calendar.

    I,too, am anxious to hear the news about the picture. That was one of my favorites. And thanks for writing this great post.



  5. I wasn’t even aware of the blogging craze a year ago. It sure is different. I really like what you did here, and it was fun to check out Bob Zeller’s blog. Your Egret shot is very captivating. I love the splash and the reflection; and just knowing that it came about because of someone else’s advice.

    Now I’m curious about the pier shot. Great way to keep us tuned in. 🙂


  6. Thank you, Miss pearl! I almost mentioned the reflection, but decided to wait and see if anyone mentioned it. And my first commenter – you – did! I loved the way the ripples effected the reflection. Thanks for sharing your comment!


  7. Bob is a great encouragement and help! I’m glad you checked out his blog! Wasn’t his post a great one?! I thought so…in fact, I want to go back and add a comment. Thanks for stopping by, Elena! Your comments are always great!


  8. LOL! Sometimes our fingers go out of control, don’t they? I thought that’s what you had in mind, Elena. 🙂


  9. Hi Bob! I don’t see why we can’t share information and photos. We’ll all gain from that process, I think. Thanks for the comment on this shot, as well. I’ll look for your Bird of the Week post! That should be good! The calendar is great! I highly recommend it! Thanks for all your comments, Bob! I really appreciate them.


  10. I’m with you, Heather! Blogging – who does that? That’s what I thought about it a year ago. It’s funny – now, I love it! The people, the experience, the photos, even blogs like yours that aren’t necessarily a photo blog – I still find very interesting. Your blog is very well done, I think!! Thanks for leaving such great comments, Heather. I am so appreciative.

    Stay tuned for the update later this week. It’s good – at least, I think it’s good. 🙂


  11. If you haven’t watched the artist, Leslie White, you should. She connects with blogging artists and photographers and gets a dialogue going on. She links to them, they link to her, and connections are made all over the world.

    She once googled lavender watercolor, and I had posted one done by a friend. She started following me, I started following her. She took – with my permission – one of my cloud shots, and did a series of six watercolors of it, and posted the results to her blog. Not only that, but she gave me my choice, and send me the painting matted and framed.

    I, then, posted a photo of her paining on my wall, and linked to the six painting study she did. What magic happened, and continues to happen between us and others that she has introduced me to. You will be amazed the world it opens up to you and your readers.

    Her blog is http://lesliepaints.wordpress.com
    and as you know, I am http://bigsurkate.wordpress.com

    My blog features a lot of photography, but it is really about the place I live – Big Sur, CA. Of course, growing up in SoCal, I know most of your places. In fact, both my kids were born in Huntington Beach!


  12. Great moment you captured here, Steve! I agree about the open beak, it definitely adds an element of interest… Also, the splash is great, I love water as a photography subject. I love the way it’s liquid but here you’ve frozen it and made it look almost solid… Hope I’m not gibbering!
    The “blogosphere” is such a great place to learn!
    Yet another excellent post!


  13. I love the frozen splash in that shot.

    I think featuring content from other bloggers is a good idea – we all have things we can learn from each other! I suspect most people would be flattered to be featured, but if you wanted to play it safe, you could always ask first.


  14. I think it’s a great idea to share blogs and photos – it builds up a nice little community and encourages us to keep blogging!

    Speaking of which, if you want to join in the love/loathe project, now is the time to send me your photos! All photos can be linked back to your own blogs 🙂


  15. I’ve guest blogged at other blogs and had guest bloggers at my blog. It’s a wonderful way to get to know other people.

    I’ve enjoyed and found Bob’s comments here very helpful. Good idea to feature him this way.

    The egret is beautiful, and the splash is great. I can’t wait to hear your news. 🙂


  16. I thought that was a rather unique feature to this shot – the open beak, that is! Thank you for adding your comment, Kai! I always look forward to your comments! I’m so glad you stopped by. Now, I’m going to head over to your blog to see what’s happening over there. Thanks!


  17. Thanks for stopping by with this information, Helen! What a great challenge! I’m heading out today to do some shooting – we’ll see what I can come up with. The love would be easy. the loathe – I don’t know. Thanks for sharing another great comment!


  18. WOW, Kate! Thanks for this information about Leslie White! I just spent a moment on her blog and was absolutely captivated! I must go back later today when I have more time. I really am excited about the idea of linking up with other bloggers. We all have so much to share! It’s amazing to think how much all of you could add to my blog! So, we’ll see some things start in the near future, I hope! Thanks for sharing all of this information today, Kate! It’s like finding gold this morning!! Great, great comment.


  19. I think I’ll be pursuing this sharing idea further, Journey! Thanks for your encouragement! I also appreciate your comment on my photography! They’re always encouraging to me! I thank you for taking your time to contribute this comment – always good!


  20. I have to say, Bob has been a huge encouragement. Everyone has been so encouraging! Your comments have encouraged me on more than one occasion – often bringing a smile to my face, Robin! I’m so glad you take the time to offer your comments here! I really believe they add so much! I’m going to continue to search for ways to create more information and a broader base of people who would be willing to contribute with photos and posts. So be ready, Robin!

    Thanks for stopping by, Robin!


  21. thanks for the heads up on bob zeller. i love birding! great blog you have here


  22. Love that photo, and the reflection – superb! And i love the idea of sharing blog posts and photos, too 🙂


  23. Thank you for stopping by, Donna! I’m happy to introduce you to Bob. He’s a great photographer and avid birder! Thanks for sharing this comment here. I really appreciate it and hope you’ll stop by again, soon!


  24. What great timing! It’s a beautifully captured picture: the reflection in the water, the ripples, and the droplets of water frozen in time.

    Oh, and I’d like to thank you for stopping by my blog too 🙂


  25. Thank you for sharing this comment, Ros! The reflection is a bit unusual due to the rippling of the water. Stay tuned for my continued plans for blog sharing. I think it’s exciting. I really hope you’ll stop by again, soon! Thanks!


  26. I did like the way the water was captured in this image, Nadia! I’m actually glad I came across your blog – I thought your photos were intriguing!! Everything was so different to what I’m accustomed to, but so inviting. I’m really glad you stopped by and shared this comment! I hope you’ll stop by again, soon.


  27. As others have said, well done! I think I like the reflection over the splash but, both are great! I am really interested in the news…hurry and spill the beans! 😀


  28. Thanks for adding your comment here, David! I appreciate your comments – as do others who also read them. I’m preparing the post about this bit of news that should publish later today! Thanks!


  29. For a difficult subject, a white bird in motion, this is a stellar capture! I took a few egret photos myself this week and dumped every one of them.


  30. They can be difficult. Bob has given me some tips with my exposure that has helped! This shot was great because of the water and the motion freeze – IMO! Thank you for sharing these kind words of encouragement, Francisca! I really appreciate them. I hope you’ll leave additional comments in the future! Thanks!


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