It’s time to bring out the vote buttons to determine which image you prefer.  Remember, no personal information is obtained from this process.  It’s really quite simple.  All you need to do is make your selection and click on the vote button.

Pete in Flight

The Ingredients

The Bodega Bell Tower

The Eastern Corridor

The Cross on the Bell Wall

WAIT!!  Don’t leave without voting.  Please indicate your preference with a check, and then click on the vote button.  It’s as simple as that!

Thank you for voting.  Stop by this weekend to see the winner.

~ by photographyfree4all on February 25, 2011.


  1. This week was really difficult. All your photos were great, but I liked your capture of Pete’s motion over the water! ~ Lynda


  2. I voted for the Bodega Bell tower, but I really like the eastern corridor. There’s something about late afternoon shadows that make this photo very appealing to me. Also makes me wonder what is at the end of that hallway???


  3. What a kind thing to say, Lynda! Thanks for voting – and leaving this comment. So encouraging!


  4. I like both of the shots you mentioned, Car54! Looking a little closer at the shot, there may actually be a shadowy figure at the end of the hallway! Hmm…


  5. ‘The Ingredients’ is the most captivating.


  6. Steve, you’re not making this easy at all now, these are all good photographs, each with its own appeal and merits 🙂 not to mention the diversity!!
    I voted but I won’t tell which 🙂


  7. You know, I keep going back to that image for some reason, Heather. Thanks for voting! 🙂


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