Several months ago I published this first photograph in a post introducing my desire to create a portfolio of church photography.  Today, I offer a few additional shots from this particular church.  I have decided to publish only the shots captured with the natural light due to their dramatic presentation.

The Apostles as Depicted in the Stained Glass of the Central Dome

Christ as Depicted in the Eastern Stained Glass

The Prayer Candles

The Alpha and Omega as Depicted in the Western Stained Glass

I find the detail and beauty of these ornate buildings to be fascinating!

Thanks for stopping by today.


Now is the Time…to Chase Your Dream

We make our own limitations,

through self-doubt, fear, and conformity.

But, we can also expand our horizons.

We can push through the barriers, real and imagined.

If you have a dream, give it a chance.

~ by photographyfree4all on March 3, 2011.

20 Responses to “DO YOU REMEMBER THIS?”

  1. Well done, Steve. Nice color and composition. I like the slant you gave to the candles.


  2. Thanks, Bob! the candles and the dome are my favorites. The stained glass could have produced some great shots, but there were lights hanging in the way of most of the promising perspectives. I pretty much had to take what they gave me…so, I did! But, I think they could have presented much better if I could have moved and shot from a few different perspectives. 🙂


  3. Those are all extremely beautiful shots! I remember that particular post you referred to. I hope to eventually take some photos of the church I grew up attending as well. I always loved the beautiful stained glass windows. It would be nice to be able to capture them on my camera. Beautiful church!!


  4. Wow, nice and sharp. Great photos!


  5. Thank you so much for this comment, Kuukisu! I thought you might remember the shot from my previous post! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


  6. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving this kind comment. I hope you’ll be back soon! 🙂


  7. Love the stain glass; all those bright colors! Beautiful images.


  8. The first photo of the dome is so perfect! I also love, in the second photo,the way the light through the window washes the fresco (?) painting along the right side. Have you also considered photographing these same windows at night?

    It’s all so beautiful,


  9. I have to agree with you Steve, that Dome and the candles do stand out among the rest 🙂 The slant in the candle shot is a nice artistic twist that doesn’t always work, but gives a nice interest to this one, and the dome is just beautiful (and I do remember when you first posted about this one) 🙂


  10. Really beautiful, Steve.


  11. Catherine…welcome to Photograohyfree4all! I hope you’ll stop by often. It’s a great community of discussion and evaluation. 🙂


  12. Thank you KKH! It’s nice to hear, especially from such a talented photographer! I’m really glad you stopped by!


  13. That turned out to be nice a symetrical with nice lighting! It’s my favorite, too! Thanks for another great comment, Lynda! I’m glad you contribute with your great comments!


  14. I took several of the candles – and I felt this one with the slant was the best! Thanks, Michael! You’re such an important part of this journey!


  15. Good to see you, Robin! Thank you for this kind comment. 🙂


  16. Have to agree with the others…the dome and the candles are the winners of the bunch!


  17. Hi Tracy! Thanks for jumping in here! This was an easy choice, I think! 🙂


  18. Great set of images


  19. welcome and thanks for stopping by 2rivers! I don’t know if I’ve seen you here before, but I hope you’ll stop back. And, your blog certainly has some great shots, as well!


  20. […] a Greek Orthodox Temple a few months ago and now the san Diego Temple.  I’ve walked away from each experienced […]


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