WHO KNEW?? Episode 4

It’s Time for another wildly popular, but somewhat useless episode of “Interesting, but Insignificant Facts!” 

Because of Davy Jones’s huge popularity as a member of The Monkees, another young singer in London, also named David Jones, was forced to change his name…to David Bowie!

Please stay tuned.  We’ll be back after this short commercial break.

Lake Arrowhead, California

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program.

Seinfeld was not Jerry Seinfeld’s first sitcom.  He played the governor’s speechwriter on Benson, but was fired after three episodes.

Thank you for joining us this week.  I hope you’ll tune in next week – same bat time, same bat channel!

~ by photographyfree4all on March 23, 2011.

9 Responses to “WHO KNEW?? Episode 4”

  1. Fun. 🙂


  2. Wow, I had no idea about the Bowie fact! Nice shot Steve.


  3. I thought so, Robin!


  4. You know it’s just interesting learning some of this stuff, David! Thanks!


  5. The Monkees, David Bowie, and Batman – you’re dating yourself again, Steve! 😉


  6. Very nice….I need to get up there!! 🙂


  7. You’re right, Karen! 🙂 Quick, I need to find a story about The Black Eyed Peas!! LOL!


  8. It is beautiful, Janine!


  9. The voice of ratyinaloti! Good to hear from you.


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