IS IT A FAKE?? Photography Tip #20

Yesterday when I visited my framer to pick up a couple of my prints, I noticed several beautifully framed panorama prints.  It caused me to think about a few of my images that might work well in this format.

This first shot is not necessarily a print I would enlarge, but it still serves as a good demonstration.  I felt this image had too much sky and too much water.  The scene was lost in the vastness of those two uninteresting elements.  So, I wondered what it might look like in a panorama format.  Rather than travel back to this location and shoot a series of images to be stitched into a panorama, I simply cropped the image to fit the panorama format.


While it may not be the best way to capture a panorama, it certainly must qualify as the easiest!  Now the image appears more balanced.  But, it’s still not an image I would likely enlarge.


The image below is a nice sunset scene.  And, I would consider enlarging this one for framing.


I realize that in the panorama I lost the beach reflection, which I do really like. But if you were to see only the panorama and never know there was a reflection at one time, you probably wouldn’t think about its loss.  It’s difficult to prefer something you’ve never seen.


Is it a fake panorama?  I guess it could be deemed that.  But, it’s still a nice format for a change!


~ by photographyfree4all on April 1, 2011.

6 Responses to “IS IT A FAKE?? Photography Tip #20”

  1. That looks great, quite convincing to say the least!

    Thanks, Joel Raes


  2. Good trick of the eye – I really like the result with the mountains.


  3. Don’t be silly. Of course, it is NOT a fake. We all crop our photos, be it 8×10, 11×14, or 4×18. It doesn’t matter, because you want to make the best composition. If it makes a better panorama, so be it. Don’t worry about it, just go with it. 🙂


  4. Hi Joel! Thanks for stopping by and leaving this kind comment! It’s encouraging to me! And, I really appreciate it. Stop by often.


  5. You’re absolutely right, Dawn! At least the panorama is balanced and so much more appealing! Thanks!


  6. Hi Bob! I just figure there are some who would think the only way to get a true panorama would be to stitch several shots together. Truthfully, I’ve never done that. Thanks for your comment, Bob!


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