NO!!  Dude, you need to hit the romance button once in a while if you were thinking this was just another Huntington Beach sunset!!

I could shoot every Huntington Beach sunset for the rest of my life and I would still not have a completed collection!  That’s the way it is with any sunset, no matter where you happen to be.  There is an unbelievable, unexplainable power that seems to accompany the sun as it makes its daily descent into the horizon.  It really doesn’t matter whether it’s sinking into the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California, or into the lively cornfield of an Iowa farm.  Wherever it sets, it sparks romance.  That is, as long as your romance button is placed in the “on” position!!

So again today (because there’s no such thing as becoming bored with a sunset), I give you the one ingredient that is guaranteed to bring a kiss from that one special person in your life – a sunset!!  Come on, guys!  Don’t miss this opportunity.  I would suggest a short drive to a nearby secluded area.  Park the car.  Play some soft, appropriate music in the background.  And, let the sunset take over! 

Or even better: Park the car.  Get out of the car and hurry around to your lady’s door and carefully open it for her.  Help her out of the car.  Suggest a nice stroll while watching the sunset.  Open up…listen to what she may be saying…dream!  You won’t regret it!!


Just Another Sunset - Huntington Beach, California

The Huntington Beach Pier is the iconic heart of the city. At 1,800 ft, it’s one of the longest municipal piers in California, and it stands as the city’s front porch to the wide open Pacific. You can fish, eat, shop, experience awesome aerial views of some of the world’s best surfers and, of course, watch indescribable Pacific Ocean sunsets.

Surf City Pier events are held year-round and include various professional volleyball and surfing competitions, live music, art shows a farmer’s market and other Southern California attractions.

The red-roofed Ruby’s Diner sits at the end of the pier, making it one of the most unique restaurants in Huntington Beach – and California for that matter. The diner-style restaurant makes you feel as if you’re dining in the middle of the ocean. Grab a window seat and you’re likely to spot dolphins cutting through the ocean waves as you slice through a Ruby’s Diner American Kobe steak.

~ by photographyfree4all on May 11, 2011.


  1. I completely agree.. I have a love affair with the sky. Thank you for this. 🙂


  2. I have to agree that sunsets are romantic. I’d also love to visit Ruby’s Diner. Eventually, when I visit California and make it to Huntington Beach, I’ll have to make a stop and eat there. It looks like it would be absolutely worth it! Beautiful shot as always!


  3. Absolutely awesome and breathtaking! This is one to print large and hang on the wall – a gallery even! Great shot!


  4. It’s so nice to have those nice places to visit again and again and …. – alone or with a lovely person – or your camera, I love to do this too. And maybe I should visit Huntington once?!?


  5. I like the lines in this image…horizontal and vertical.


  6. That’s easy to understand, Elena! Sometimes I notice the sky in all of it’s beauty, and I just grab a shot of nothing but sky!! Thanks for stopping by.


  7. Ruby’s Diner is an Iconic Huntington Beach Symbol, Kuukisu! Even if you don’t have the time to eat, you should experience on of their famous shakes!! Always good to hear from you!


  8. Thanks a lot, Patrick! Wow, I really appreciate your generous comments. I’m really glad you stopped by and do hope to see you again soon! 🙂


  9. Indeed it is, Truels!! I think everyone should visit Huntington beach at least once! But, that’s just me! 🙂


  10. Got a REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLlY BAD sunBURN on an overcast day there. Didn’t know as a teen that you could get sunburned when the sun wasn’t out… OY!

    That aside, I love sunsets too. Though I once got chastised by my photography professor for bringing in a sunset. She had a thing about them and felt that they were “…too common.” TOO COMMON? Too common for who? I think she had no imagination. 😉


  11. Lynda, I always know that if it’s cloudy I can count on getting sun!! I call it my “Cloud Burn!!” 🙂 Great comment! Thanks for sharing…


  12. Thank you, 2 wheels! I sure glad you rolled by today! 🙂


  13. So beautiful! I am ready for some of those clouds to disappear 🙂 I know we need the rain but just a bit of sunshine will be nice. Have a nice weekend. Looking forward to your next posts;


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