I thought it might be a good time to knock out a few “Interesting but Insignificant” facts:

On the one-dollar-bill, there is an owl in the upper left corner of the number 1 and a spider in the upper right.  (I know if you use American currency, you just pulled out a one-dollar bill to see if you could find them…didn’t you?)  🙂

The phrase “United States of America” is camouflaged within the lapel of Benjamin Franklin’s jacket on the newer one-hundred-dollar bill.  (Yeah, I’m not sure you pulled out a $100 dollar bill to see if you could find the words…I know I didn’t!)  🙂

James Madison, the fourth president of the United States, stood only 5′ 4″ tall and weighed less than 100 pounds.

According to L. Frank Baum, the name Oz was created when he looked at his filing cabinet and noticed one drawer marked A-G, a second tagged H-N, and a third labeled O-Z.

The sight of Oranges in all three Godfather films signals death (or a close call) is about to happen.  (“I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse” – Don Corleone to Johnny Fontane)

In the Graduate, the parts of Benjamin Braddock (Dustin Hoffman) and Mrs. Robinson (Anne Bancroft) were originally offered to Robert Redford and Doris Day.

X’s symbolize kisses because in ancient days, when few people knew how to write, they would simply sign an “X” to show their agreement, then kiss the mark to emphasize their sincerity.

And finally…

The number of cricket chirps you count in a 15 second interval, plus 37, will tell you the current air temperature.  (I think it would just be easier to purchase a thermometer – I mean seriously, last week there were no crickets chirping and I had no way of determining the temperature!)  (So, if they chirp once, it means the temperature is 38 and their little chirper is nearly frozen!)  🙂

On a recent visit to the Sherman Library and Gardens I came upon this bird and immediately got off a quick shot before he flew away.  What kind of bird is this?  Anyone have an idea?  Bob?

Thanks for stopping by today!  I hope I brought a needed distraction into your otherwise sensible day!



~ by photographyfree4all on June 9, 2011.

3 Responses to “WHO KNEW??”

  1. I believe it is a Black Phoebe. Bob


  2. I knew you’d come through, Bob! Good to see you! 🙂


  3. Well, you always give me easy ones. 🙂


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