With the heat wave gripping nearly the entire United States, I thought this might be an appropriate time for this message:


To take a walk in the rain!

Walk to its thrumming beat.

It’s like nature’s music.

Welcome the drops on your face.

See the way it changes things:

Roads, paths, rivers, trees, flowers.

Watch as it cleanses.

Feel the sense of renewal.

“Don’t threaten me with love, baby.  Let’s just go walking in the rain.”

Billie Holliday

May a refreshing rain come your way sooner rather than later! 

I’ve been working feverishly toward improving my art presentations both here on my blog and on my soon-to-be-live website!  As evidenced by the image in this post, my determination has paid handsome dividends (IMHO)!


I hope you’ll stop by my newly updated galleries!


~ by photographyfree4all on July 19, 2011.

11 Responses to “NOW IS THE TIME…”

  1. Your galleries look super! Here the Danish summer is VERY wet – in the middle of July rainfall was already above the normal average for the month 😦


  2. And a bit of envy wells up inside of me, Truels! I would welcome your rain right now! Don’t get me wrong – I love the Southern California weather!!! And may I also say that we’re not experiencing the heat like the rest of the country – 82 degrees with a soft breeze today!! But sometimes I do miss the rain. We probably won’t see rain again for 3-4 months. Thanks for your kind words about my galleries!!! So appreciated!!



  3. We do have the heat and the drought, but we shall perservere. 🙂 I like your galleries. Very nice.


  4. You know, Bob, you’ve provided some of my greatest inspiration from the very beginning! I’m very grateful for that! Your own galleries served as the driving force behind the changes to mine. I almost feel like you deserve a commission…ALMOST!!



  5. Your orchid is exquisite! I love that you let it go off the edge instead of placing it dead center. Can’t wait to see your live website! ~ Lynda


  6. Awesome photos, you are talented and gifted and it will take you places you only dreamed of……


  7. Hi praise, Lynda! Thank you so much!!


    I love the vision I get when I work with flowers! I see each one in a different way…and, that’s exciting!!


  8. That really means a lot to me, Martina! Thank you for the encouragement yur comments bring!



  9. Rain (and cooler weather) sound wonderful to me. 🙂

    I’m off to have a look around your galleries.


  10. I hope your cooler weather comes soon, Robin! Enjoy the galleries! Thanks for stopping by!


  11. A cool rain sounds very nice right about now; we’ve been over 100 so long I hardly remember what a cool rain feels like! I’d settle for a cool breeze right now!


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