Yeah…it’s me, Red

I remember when I first met Steve.  He was enjoying lunch on the patio adjacent to the water feature I was calling home last summer.  It’s difficult to explain, but I had a sense of calm when I was around Steve.  I felt so safe that I would fly right up to him, even brushing his hand at one point!  Steve loved to take my picture.  I was a bit camera-shy at first.  But after a few days, I began to feel more comfortable – even to the point of landing and striking a pose right next to where he would sit.  I think I startled him the day he snapped the shot below!  It was the first time I had actually landed and stared directly into his camera!  I even said, “Cheese!”  (Of course, it was in this rather high-pitched voice.  I don’t think he even heard me!)  I wanted to prove that I was going to allow Steve closer to me than he ever thought possible.  Judging by the way he was fumbling for his camera, I would say I was successful.  But, I was happy to wait so he could capture this shot!

But, then something happened.  I’m not sure what it was.  But for some reason, Steve decided not to use any of my images for his new business.  I was confused and didn’t understand!  I mean, I tried everything I could to make each pose perfect for his photography!  But it didn’t seem to matter.  My images were finally copied to an inactive file and that’s where I’ve been for almost a year. 

BUT, LOOK AT ME NOW!!!  What do you think?  Do you like my new look?  I think I really POP against this new black background!!  And, what about those highlights?  Wow, Steve really captured my best features – then gave them an even better look with a highlight enhancement.  And look at this great frame!!  I’m all in black and white – that really makes my red look even more vibrant!!  I’m pretty happy now!!



~ by photographyfree4all on July 28, 2011.

7 Responses to “REMEMBER ME??”

  1. Looking good, Red!


  2. Welcome back, Red. You’ve been missed and I must say, you’re looking better than ever! I love your new background – makes you stand out even better. Red’s wings actually look like ice to me. Nice!


  3. Hello Steve and Red. Superior cooperation – and beautiful result. Nice work!


  4. I must say, I have to agree with you Car54! I like this image much better now. If you remember the originalimage, there was an uneven bokeh that contained some highlighted hot spots tyhat were a little distracting. that’s what caused me to begin experimenting!

    Thanks for another great comment!


  5. Hello my worldwide friend, Truels!! I haven’t heard from you for a while – but, it’s great to see you back. Thanks for your comment. I’m pleased with the image!!



  6. what a beautiful image!


  7. Thank you, Sheila! I’m so glad you stopped by! Do drop by again, soon.


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