Maybe it’s due to my constant drive for new images!  Or, maybe it’s the influence of Bob Zeller!  (Bob’s been posting several of his older images which have proven to be amazing!  Check them out here.)  Whatever it is, it never ceases to amaze me!  The fact that I can take a picture, discard it, then nearly a year later stumble upon it and see something that I never saw before – well, it amazes me.

I think a better explanation may be my advancement in editing.  That process has caused me to see several images in a new light!

This one was taken in December 2010, at Zion Nation Park.  This is the waterfall at the Temple of Sinawava, which is located at the north section of the park.

So remember – whatever you do, if an image has good composition and focus – never delete it!! You never know when that image will capture your attention by screaming out for your processing skills!

Happy shooting…and editing!!


~ by photographyfree4all on August 7, 2011.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Steve. But I agree with you. I have improved my editing skills much more that I can go back to those old images. What helped me the most was discovering my DeNoise and my Focus Magic programs. Those two have worked wonders for me.

    One more thing, you ought to put your pictures on that new site, Your image would sure get a heck of a lot exposure. Holly has put hers there.

    You picture here of the waterfall is wonderful. I love the rich colors.



  2. Another thought. I have discovered that too much noise in a photograph can actually affect the color. This noise reduction software that I use, actually can remove noise, with losing any detail. Then the Focus Magic can improve the best focused photographs even a tad more. Quite a combination.



  3. Glad to recognize what you do to inspire and help all the “newbies” in photography, Bob! I must check out these programs! I’m still learning PSE 8, but I’m learning it can’t do everything.

    Thanks for the information of 500px too, Bob! I’m checking it out!



  4. Check out my new post today, “Blue Grosbeak Editing”. I think you will like it.



  5. That is a nice image, Steve. I keep (too?) many photos myself – alone from my last travel i have 6000 – enough for many entries for a long time, so look forward to a lot of impressions and stories from East Asia and Australia;-) !!


  6. Great helps, Bob! And great editing!! Thanks for the detailed steps…that helps a lot! 🙂


  7. Can’t wait, Truels! Isn’t it amazing how quickly we can accumulate images? WOW!! 6,000!!! Happy editing and organizing, my friend!



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