It seems the older I become, the more I’m drawn to period photography that whisks me away to a time when everything seemed so much simpler.  I’ll never forget those two weeks in July when my father would gather the family for our annual trek through the Ozarks to the southern part of Kansas.  On the few occasions we would stay overnight, our lodging would look mysteriously similar to the Ace Motel seen below.

Those were the days!!  Days when turning on the air conditioning in the car meant rolling down the windows.  And the rarity of overnight stays made even the black and white TV that received only one very snowy channel exciting!  And the beds…well, they were always a surprise!!  Too soft?  Too hard??  Did anyone care??  Not really! After all, we were on vacation!

When traveling through the Apple/Lucerne Valley a few weeks ago, I found myself flooded with these wonderful childhood memories.  And this image seemed to portray best what I remember from my traveling days as a young Iowa boy!

I thought this scene presented best in a sepia-tone process.  It seems to give it the tonality that lends itself to this period.  


~ by photographyfree4all on August 24, 2011.

6 Responses to “MAYBE I’M JUST GETTING OLD…”

  1. Love it, Have had many of those same thoughts lately. Would it be too radical to cancel my cell phone, 400+ channels of TV and disconnect my internet? My employer probably wouldn’t appreciate my lack of availability. I can’t say that I am overly fond of this new “global” world we live in.

    The only think missing from this photo is the years of character added by being kept in dresser drawers & shoe boxes and a couple of water marks from being left out on the kitchen table.


  2. Speaking of the beds – remember the noise they made? Every time someone turned over they squeaked? No temperpedics back them – ha!
    I remember seeing a lot of these motels along Route 66 going across the country – good memories!


  3. Thanks, Brett!! You’re right, too! I’m not exactly ready to give up my modern comforts. But before we had them, it was perfectly normal to be happy without them.



  4. Great memories, Car54! Rte 66 – I drive down Rte 66 nearly every day! What a road!



  5. I like this – nostalgic, as you say.


  6. Thank you, Journey!


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