This is truly an interesting shot of the Huntington Beach Pier!  However, there are a couple of things missing from this particular image. 

1) People – it’s a pretty rare occasion when there are no people on the pier.  Of course, the pier is officially closed from 12:00 midnight till 5:00 AM. 

2) Fishermen – there are always people fishing from the pier.  Just last week a fisherman hooked a Great White Shark off this pier.  He made a huge mistake in keeping it, though.  That’s against the law!  His bright idea did not bode well for him!

3) The Ruby’s Sign – even the Ruby’s sign is dark!  I’ve never seen that!

So what’s the story behind this empty pier?  Well, first of all it was Thanksgiving morning – very early morning.  I had come down to the pier to capture the sunrise.  In my excitement to get set up, I didn’t realize I was actually on the pier by 4:30 AM.  Of course, the pier is not officially open and I consider myself extremely lucky not to have been discovered!!  As you can see, my position is near the lifeguard tower, which is about halfway to the pier’s end.  To my good fortune, it was about 5:10 AM when the authorities meandered by to wish me a happy Thanksgiving!  I was quick to respond and checking my watch only then realized that I had been on the pier 30 minutes before it opened.  A fine spared on this Thanksgiving day!

What do I think of when I see this image?  I think of the quiet one can only experience when they tour the Huntington Beach Pier before it officially opens.  There’s nothing like the sound of the ocean when it’s absolutely unobstructed by the distracting noise of people.


~ by photographyfree4all on September 7, 2011.

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  1. awesome post!


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