Sometimes…most of the time…a well thought out plan is better than spontaneity!!  But every time, spontaneity is so much more exciting!!


If there’s one thing I’ve been drawn to notice – it’s the sunset.  Mind you, I just don’t notice it.  No, I’m obsessed with it!  Is that typical with landscape photographers?  I don’t know!  But for me, I constantly evaluate the sunset to determine its expectation! I try to project the “Amazing” factor long before the sun actually sets.  Sometimes it works.  More often than not, it doesn’t.

On this particular evening, I believed the sunset had magical possibilities!  So, I grabbed my camera and headed to the beach.  On a normal evening, I can get to the beach in a few minutes.  But this would not be that evening.  First there was my neighbor who met me at my car and, seeing my camera backpack, had to know where I was heading.  Be polite, Steve!  He’s just trying to be friendly.  OK, I talked for a few minutes and then got out of there.

That’s OK, there’s still plenty of time.

Wait a minute, where did all this traffic come from?  Are you guys all going to the beach?

Hurry…hurry…must drive faster!!  


Finally, I’m here…but this is going to be so close!!  Jump out of the car…grab my camera and tripod.  Down the bike path to the sand…oh, it’s so difficult to hurry through the sand – with all my gear and with heavy shoes! 

Of course, a dozen other photographers had already set up!!  No matter – here’s a spot!!  

Wait a minute…you’re surely not going to set up directly in front of me, are you?  Are you blind?  Hello??  I’m right here!!!

After a few choice words (under my breath, of course) I grabbed my tripod and moved right down into their spot!!  

No fear!!

But…and this is a big but…the sun had already set!!  Of course if you’ve worked with sunsets, you know the best color comes after the sun sets!!  So, I’m still good!

What’s that???  Heavy clouds???  Where did those come from???

Oh well, let’s just make the best of it.  

And that’s what I did!!

Even when everything seems to go wrong, a sunset is a most magical event!!


~ by photographyfree4all on October 7, 2011.

13 Responses to “SOMETIMES…”

  1. Awesome post, excellent reminder of rolling with the punches. Especially in photography, unless perhaps you are shooting in a studio with controlled lighting, adaptation is the name of the game. The weather, crowds, etc. can all throw you off your initial plan. But some of the really great photographers out there still manage to problem solve their way into creating their art anyway.


  2. You may have missed the classic sunset, but I think that your shot is far better – the atmosphere, the lights on the pier and the composition – gorgeous! I am still learning to work in those light conditions. I love your shot and hope to emulate on of these days!


  3. Great shot, Steve. 🙂


  4. This is great! Nice contrast, and the star lights of the pier lighting are awesome! 🙂 ~ Lynda


  5. Star light, star bright…I love this shot!


  6. I think it was worth the time! So glad you stopped by Car54!


  7. Thanks, Tim! I’m learning that I have to be ready to alter my plans at a moments notice!! That’s just the nature of the beast! Good to see you again, Tim!


  8. Hi Anita! I could show you so many failed attempts, Anita! 🙂 Keep at it, though!! It will come! You’ll see. Thanks for stopping by today!


  9. Thanks, Bob! I find something in every opportunity! And, that’s the excitement!!


  10. Thank you, Lynda! I do like this shot!! Thank you for sharing your comment! So kind!! 🙂


  11. Absolute magic!


  12. Great job…you always make me smile or laugh when I read your post, red light, lol! Beautiful Image!!


  13. Thank you so much for you comments, Janice!! I love your work and feel privileged that you come by here and offer your comments from time to time! thank you so much!!


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