I captured this paddle boarder just off the coast of Laguna Beach last weekend. Because of the quiet surf, this is a very popular place to enjoy this California pastime.

Interestingly enough, this area is also a favorite feeding stop for the enormous blue whale.  As I was watching this guy gently pass by my shoreline position, I noticed a blue whale breeching about 100 yards from his position.  

What an amazing sight!

I thought I might as well include a few additional shots from the day.  Enjoy.

No photography genius here!  This is strictly a point, shoot, and upload project – no post production.


~ by photographyfree4all on February 8, 2012.


  1. Beautiful! I wish that we had the same climate around here – rather than our double-digit minus degrees 😦


  2. Brrrrrrrrr…Truels!!!


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