You’re late!  You’re early!  If there’s one thing about photography that you must learn and learn quickly, it’s that timing is everything!!

There are shots that I’ve waited hours to capture.  There are shots that I’ve missed because my timing was off.  And, that brings me to today’s stop in our 4th leg of this incredible journey.  We’re in Dana Point!  Dana Point is situated on the beautiful Southern California coast, halfway between San Diego and Los Angeles. It prides itself with nearly seven miles of coastal bluffs and rolling hills along the Pacific Ocean with its charming beaches and wild surfs. Most noteworthy of these bluffs is a unique promontory known as the “Headlands”, which overlooks Dana Point Harbor, one of the most significant manmade alterations of the Orange County coastline.

So my thinking was, what better place to capture Dana Point than from the Headlands? Which is where this image was taken.

My problem with this image is the timing!  You see if you come to this place just before sunset, you will likely capture one of the most spectacular images you will ever see.  Because just prior to sunset, all of the sailboats generally return to the marina creating an amazing visual with the sunset as its backdrop!  WOW!!!  But during the early afternoon, well you have this.  Oh sure, you still have a beautiful ocean.  In fact, it’s made even more beautiful by the varying hues of color.  But to me, it seems to lack activity.  But it is what it is, and it’s our 4th stop along this southern California coastal photo shoot.

In my effort to make up for this somewhat lackluster image, I turned and noticed a tiny flower growing alone out of the ground next to where I was standing.  As if crying out to be shared, I give you this image of “The Lonely Blossom.”

That’s it for today!  But don’t miss our next stop in San Clemente, CA.


~ by photographyfree4all on April 2, 2012.

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