Recently I captured two sunset images from the same location.  Well, almost the same exact location.  It might seem as though I’m splitting hairs, but as you will see even in the same location one can achieve different perspectives.

Both images were shot from Heisler Park in Laguna Beach, California.  And, both images have made a recent appearance on this blog.  But, each image has its own particular perspective identity.

My first image was taken from the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  It was high tide, and quite frankly this perspective made for a much easier capture.


My second image was captured from the beach, which is situated 30 – 40 feet below the cliffs.  It was low tide, and this perspective required navigation of several vertical stairways and then a brief walk up the sandy beach to the exact spot.

Realizing that each sunset is significantly different, I’m not asking you to necessarily share which sunset you prefer.  (Although, you may certainly do that.)  What I’m interested to know is which perspective you would choose, and why.  

Here’s the great thing: You don’t have to know everything about photography to share a comment.  In fact, you really don’t have to know anything about photography, to know which one you prefer.  So grab your mouse and click the comment button and share your thoughts!

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Thanks for all your help!


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20 Responses to “LET ME ASK YOU A QUESTION…”

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    Nothing beats God’s Creation! I ❤ NATURE!


  2. I think the colors in the first shot are Beautiful as it showcases the sky more and I think the second image colors are beautiful as it appeals to the water more ( In my opinion). I do not know a lot about photography at all but I can say though both photographs are wonderful, I choose the second perspective. I don’t know particularly “why” but I do = ).


  3. They’re both breathtaking but I think I prefer the photo taken from the beach because the photo was more detailed. I was able to see the little things like the rocks and stuff. Not a photographer so I can’t really go into the technicalities. You’re an amazing photographer by the way! CHEERS!


  4. I know nothing about photography but I prefer the second image. It looks mysterious to me and I like that meanwhile the first image is rather an everyday shot. That one is nice too but somehow lacking something.


  5. We’re off to a great start!! Great comments, so far!! Keep the comments coming!


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  7. I personally like the first shot better because it feels more serene to me….and I’m also a sucker for the color orange. The second image actually has much more interest going on with the rocks and movement of water and clouds and has a little bit more ominous feel to it. Both are beautiful. I love Laguna Beach. Have you ever taken pictures of the cottages at Crystal Cove? I would love to do that if they allow it.


  8. The second image gives us the wave action and is, therefor, less static. I keep hoping a seagull or pelican will fly into the first shot and give it a bit of life. Really, both could use a bit of something animate.


  9. To me the way the second image is framed makes it more appealing to my eyes. You have pointed the camera down toward the beach slightly and in doing so raised the horizon to the top third of the image. To me this creates more “space” in the image. you have beach, rocks, sea, cliffs, clouds and sunset in both images but the second works better for me.

    The color in the first image is awesome, but my eyes wonder what they don’t see in the foreground of the image.


  10. I like both of these. They are beautiful. I like the first one the best as it is more of a “Sunset” the second one is more about the “ocean” And yes it seems more somber.


  11. Again, I commend you on your comments! They’re fantastic! I’m going to wait until tomorrow to begin to reply to each comment. I’m eager to share my thoughts on these two images, as well. Thanks, everyone!


  12. Thank you, Grace! I think that’s why I love landscape photography so much!


  13. Thanks for jumping in here, Bree! I have found every sunset to be different, yet beautiful in its own way! I happen to like the second one as well, but couldn’t complain to much about the first. For me it seems to be the foreground interest of the rocks and water movement. Great comment!


  14. Actually, not being a photographer allows you to comment on your preference without the technical jargon – which is great for me! That’s huge to me because most people who see my photography are not photographers. But, like you, they’re people who know what appeals to them! Thanks for this comment, Jing!


  15. At the moment of this comment, you were in the majority. And in fact, that’s where I am! Although, I have some people who feel very strongly about the first image. Thanks, Pevaeva!


  16. Now we hear from the other perspective. You’re not alone, Susan, but you are the first to prefer the more brilliant sunset image. I have been on the beach at Crystal Cove and taken a few images of the cottages. But, I haven’t really captured anything that knocked my socks off! 🙂 Great comment here! 🙂


  17. There was a few paddle boarders out earlier, but by the time the sun set they had vacated the area. So for you, there needs to be some activity within the sunset. I get that. That’s a good point. I do believe the activity would need to be minimal as to not become the focal point drawing away from the sunset. A Sailboat usually works great!! Thanks for jumping in, Steve!


  18. I pretty much agree with this evaluations, Nels!! Great comment detail!! Thanks!! It’s great to see you again.



  19. Thank you, Miss Betty! I’m so glad you shared your ideas. Love to hear from you!


  20. […] this is the same sunset I posted here, this perspective presents a much wider view.  I’m not sure it’s better, just […]


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