I’m creating a new custom floral series for a customer who wants to go with a sepia presentation.  I had experimented a little with this color conversion, but not too much when it came to flowers.  So, I began with an open mind and ended with a new appreciation of this presentation.

I really like the softness the sepia brown tones bring to the series.  It’s like a calming subtleness as these prints set the tone for your room.  And yet formatted against the black background, they still offer a striking contrast that immediately catches your eye.  I realize you don’t have the “pop” of the color, but I think the overall consistency of the sepia brown tones makes up for that.  And, it offers such a contrast to the color option.

This project required detailed attention to the lighting and the sepia tint.  I never realized when converting to sepia there would be such a difference if the sepia tone, depending on the color and lighting of each original image.  Therefore considerable editing was required to gain the tonal consistency for the series.

I like it!  But I thought I would also offer an alternate.

Maybe the customer would be interested in creating a series of four prints instead of the original three.


~ by photographyfree4all on April 12, 2012.

4 Responses to “A NEW FLORAL SERIES”

  1. I like these….there’s a very calming effect to them. I could see them in my home or office. Nice work.


  2. I agree with the calming effect! Even soothing. Thanks, Car54!!


  3. i really like this. The tones and the subjects are very nice, warm and relaxing. Thank you for this great post.


  4. Thanks, Robert! I agree. So glad you stopped by today.


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