Whenever I’m looking to refresh my photographic batteries, I get together with my favorite model and spend the afternoon experimenting with new poses and interesting locations.

On this particular afternoon, I had scouted out an abandoned railroad track that interested me.  I thought it might provide something different for our photo shoots.

This is Marissa’s “I need to be convinced” expression.

Time for a close up!

Now, just relax.  Don’t worry, it’s an abandoned track!

Now, just let go!  I must have said something funny.

And now, I feel charged up and ready to chase that next sunset!

If you’re in the southern California area, you can find me at the Huntington Beach Art Faire this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  The faire is adjacent to the pier.  They say it’s going to be a “Beach” weekend!!  I hope you’ll stop by my booth.

Also, you can find most of my photography on my website or my Facebook page Steve Thomas Photography. Take a minute a check them out.  You can also follow me on Twitter by clicking the icon to the right.

~ by photographyfree4all on April 19, 2012.


  1. I love these Steve. My favorites are the first one and of course the last one where she is laughing. Keep up the good work.


  2. Great choices, Sharon! Thanks for your kind words here.


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