Ah!  You may have thought this image would have been about the shell, but it was the wave that was causing the interest.  For you see each time the shell was settled into the sand, the waves came in and tossed it from what seemed to be a secure hold.  

I thought the events of this image to be a great metaphor for life.  Just when we think our life is settled, the waves come along and toss things around.

I found myself lying on my stomach in the sand to capture this low perspective…very thankful there were no rogue waves at that particular moment in time!

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~ by photographyfree4all on May 8, 2012.

4 Responses to “IMAGE OF THE DAY – The Wave”

  1. Great picture, Steve. I like it. 🙂


  2. Great photo and great metaphor


  3. Thanks, Bob! It created some interesting thoughts while I was watching this shell from my rather vulnerable perspective…mainly, “I sure hope a big wave doesn’t come in because I could never get out of it’s way quickly enough!”



  4. Thank you, Kevin! I really appreciate your kind words!


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