IMAGE OF THE DAY – Best Seller

This image was my #1 seller at the Huntington Beach Art Fair this past weekend.

It was great to have some of you stop by the booth!!

Remember, you can find most of my photography on my website or my Facebook page Steve Thomas Photography. Take a minute to check them out.  You can “Like” me on Facebook, and also follow me on Twitter by clicking the icons to the right.  That way you’ll be able to join me for my upcoming photo shoots!!



~ by photographyfree4all on May 28, 2012.

7 Responses to “IMAGE OF THE DAY – Best Seller”

  1. . . . that’s a keeper!


  2. Hey, thanks Kenne! Glad you stopped by. I always appreciate your feedback and comments!


  3. Great photo, and congrats on your many sales. 🙂


  4. I can see why that was your #1 seller ~ it optimizes a California beach sunset.


  5. Your blog is lookin’ GREAT!!! I’ve shared on facebook. 🙂 Barb


  6. Thanks, Bob! Great to hear from you.


  7. Wow!! Thanks Barb!


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