No really, this is the biggest news ever to be posted on this blog!

But Steve, what about when your work was featured at the MUSEO Museum of Fine Art?

This is bigger!!

But, surely not bigger than when your art was included in the Windows Gallery of Art.

No seriously, this is bigger!!

I’m telling you – this is really big!  🙂

Some of you may have caught the quick “tweet” I sent out a week ago.  

What’s that?

You’re not following me on Twitter?

Don’t go any further until you click on the Twitter button to the right —————————–>

Now, where was I?

BREAKING NEWS!!!  I have been invited to display and sell my Beach Photography at one of the largest main land surf auctions in history.  

FROM THE PRESS RELEASE!!!  This charity auction is slated to include surf memorabilia from some of the greatest surf champions of all time including Bob Simmons, whose last surfboard sold for over $40,000.00!  Also invited to attend are some of the world’s most famous surf enthusiasts including Matthew McConaughey, Adam Sandler, Jeff Bridges, Anthony Keidis, David Bechkam, Cameron Diaz, Minnie Driver, Reese Witherspoon, Mine Suvari, Jack Johnson, Ashton kuthcher, Lindsey Lohan, Helen Hunt, Jennifer Aniston, Lady Gaga, Chris Isaak, Eddie Vedder, Ben Harper, Andrian Greier, Eddie Cibrian and of course Jimmy Buffett and Garard Butler.  

Several of my prints will be selling with a portion of all the proceeds to benefit The International Surf Museum, The Surfrider’s Foundation, Wounded Warriors, and CHOC Hospitals.  

Stay tuned for further details as this event approaches.


~ by photographyfree4all on June 4, 2012.

4 Responses to “THE BIGGEST NEWS – RIGHT HERE!!”

  1. What a nice digital picture of Ruby’s at Oceanside pier!! Best of luck at the art auction!


  2. Thanks for the nice comment, Seg. But I have to let you know that this is the Ruby’s at the Huntington Beach Pier. A Lot of people made that same assertion when I was at the Encinitas Art Fair. Keep ’em coming, though! I love the discussion you bring to the table.



  3. Congrats Steve! I know you have to be on cloud 9 right now!


  4. Thank you, Michael! I am!! I’ll keep you posted…


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