When I began this blog, my original intention was to offer a candid view of my journey into the realm of professional photography.  However, in documenting this incredible journey, I quickly realized the expertise of those participating and thought it would be extremely helpful to everyone if I could somehow offer a venue to share that knowledge.  So, that sharing of knowledge became the second focal point of my blog.

With that in mind, I would like to pose a few discussion questions and encourage everyone to get involved by offering your comment thoughts.

1) I have a panorama that I’ve sized to 48″x16″ with a pixel size of 4235 x 1411.  When I attempt to print this image, I always receive a warning that my image size is too small and a poor quality image will likely be the result of any printing.  Should I ignore this warning since the image has been formatted in a panorama style from a larger image?

2) Since we’re talking about printing, would anyone be willing to share your printing sources?  I’ve tried three different printers with mixed results.  Maybe some of you seasoned professionals would be able to share your proven source.

3) What type of presentation do you find most popular?  Everyone can help us here. What is your preference: matted print, wrapped canvas, framed canvas, etc.

Let’s see if we can encourage each other with a lively discussion of comments.

~ by photographyfree4all on June 12, 2012.

11 Responses to “A CALL FOR HELP”

  1. One thing that comes to mind is that you haven’t sized it at 300dpi, the best printing resolution. Can you check that out? That would make your dimensions somewhere around 14,000 x 3500 pixels, ball park. I think that may be your error.


  2. OK Bob, now I’m going to show you my lack of experience. Is this a setting I change in photoshop? Because when I look at the image size, it is showing it at 72 dpi. However, when I change it to 300 dpi, it didn’t change the pixels. Does that mean that Photoshop always exports the edited image at 72dpi? Thanks, Bob!


  3. Okay, in the resize window, make sure that the boxes for Scale Styles, Constrain Proportions, and Resample Image are all checked. Then when you change that 72 to 300 you will see a change in pixel count. Let me know. 🙂


  4. To answer your question, yes do this is PS. Open the image, click, Image, then Resize.


  5. Your dimensions shoud be 14,400 x 4800 pixels. Your print size should show 48 x 16. DPI should show 300


  6. Ok, Bob. I’ve gone mobile, but when I get back to my computer I’ll follow your instructions and let you know. Thanks!


  7. Bob, it worked!!! Thanks!!


  8. Hot Diggety!!! I will send you my bill. 🙂


  9. About your other discussions. I prefer the large format Epsons. I’ve owned one or another for 15 years. Right now I have the R1900 and it has been going strong for the last four years. It has now been upgraded but I don’t know which model it is.

    As for presentation, I am of the old school, and still love the matted prints.


  10. Thanks, Bob. The largest I can print myself is 13×19. I’m looking for a really good printer that can produce larger sizes – 20×30 and larger.


  11. Epson definitely makes them that size. They are floor models that take more space, obviously. But you’re talking big bucks here. 🙂

    Personally, when I need prints that size, (16×20 and larger), I outsourse them to Reliable Photo. Excellent results at unbelievably low prices.

    I, too, can only print up to 13×19.


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