COMING SOON: The Bridges of Madison County

This could have been ripped from the headlines in 1995, the year this Clint Eastwood/Meryl Streep movie was released.  In fact, it’s this very movie that has drawn thousands of people to the small Iowa town of Winterset – and more specifically the Roseman Bridge (which happens to be the bridge featured in the movie).  But, the Roseman Bridge is only one of several bridges located in this small midwestern county.

Winterset, which is Madison County’s antiquated hub, is a quaint little town that tends to propel one back in time – to a time now forgotten.

A time when the town square with the courthouse as its centerpiece was the heart of the community.

A time when churches looked like churches and were often centrally located very near the town square.

A time when life must have seemed so simple…right down to their bridges.  

As a prelude to my upcoming post on these bridges, I offer the Cutler-Donahoe Bridge. Built in 1870 by Eli Cox, this bridge was originally located over the North River near Bevington, Iowa, but was moved to its present site in Winterset’s City Park in 1970. 

This is the setting that makes me want to pack a picnic basket and spend the day listening to the sounds of the small stream as it trickles beneath the bridge.

The simple life…at times you are greatly missed!


~ by photographyfree4all on August 13, 2012.

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