I fully believe life is a journey.  However, contained in that one statement is a multi-layered complexity that is at times difficult to explain, at best.  As we traverse along this pathway called life, we encounter several mini-journeys and even detours that together begin to shape and mold the overall journey of our life.  While some of these detours are intentional and completely under our control, others may be shockingly unexpected and fully beyond our control.  Oftentimes we may worry about the journey of life to the detriment of recognizing some of those mini-journeys that move us in directions so unexplainable we can do nothing but sit back in absolute awe at what is happening.

At my age, I tend to look back and notice these mini-journeys with greater discernment than I did at an earlier age.  When I was younger, it seemed I could rise up easier when I had fallen; it seemed I could pursue success with even greater strength after a failure.  But as I age if I am not careful, I may slip into the deception that my journey in life has already been determined by the choices I’ve made to this point.  And to a degree I can become deceived into thinking there is little I can do to interrupt the direction my life has taken.

If I could say one thing I have learned from my most recent mini-journey (which is photography) it would be this: Never believe it is too late for your journey to experience a shockingly unexpected mini-journey.  Because I am living proof that it is not!

Three years ago, I bought a camera.  That’s a simple statement.  Since it wasn’t the first camera I had purchased in my lifetime, how could I have expected any life-altering mini-journey to come from this simple acquisition?  I didn’t.

And yet without even realizing it, on this particular March day everything changed.

SJC MISSION 201121204

I hope you will return for my next chapter: The Excitement of the Early Days.”


~ by photographyfree4all on May 6, 2013.

7 Responses to “THE PATH IS SOMETIMES LONG – CHAPTER I: The Beginning”

  1. I love a saga……


  2. Beautiful image of the arches at San Juan Capistrano and great story.


  3. Thank you Jim. I am so glad you stopped by. Don’t miss Part II


  4. This will not disappoint then, Car54. Stay tuned…


  5. I am glad you stopped by today! Stay tuned.


  6. I know the ending, It’s a good one!!!! Love you Big Bro!!


  7. Ah my sweet baby sister. You may find some twists along the journey to the end. Love you.


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