THE PATH IS SOMETIMES LONG – PART V: Arms in the Air Everyone!!

It’s very interesting to observe the beginning of a roller coaster ride.  People are settling into their seats…making certain everything is just right.  There’s always a bit of “chit-chat.”  Maybe it’s more of a nervous chatter.  But if you look very carefully…do you see it?  Look closer.  Every time I’ve watched this ritual, I’ve notice the exact same thing.  The settling into the seat, the meaningless chit-chat, and finally a deep breath and a long sigh.  It’s almost as if they have this resolve, but at the same time apprehension concerning the path ahead.

In many ways, my photography path has paralleled the scene I have just described.  After taking the advice of my friends and family, I’ve framed several of my prints and decided to put them to the test by making them available to the public.  I have to admit, everything to this point had gone rather smoothly.  In fact, I was shocked to receive a call so soon from the Huntington Beach Art Fair in response to my application to sell my art in their weekly Art Fair at the Pier. 


I immediately ramped up my photography to include Huntington Beach action shots to compliment my images of the world-famous pier.

A SURFER a 11x14_2

All within a few weeks I had gone from framing my first image to offering several of my images to the public.


Much like that roller coaster ride, I had settled into my seat and was now breathing a deep sigh as this ride was just beginning to move forward.

On every roller coaster ride there is a calm before the storm.  But we all know what comes next, don’t we? 


I am so glad that you have joined me for this ride of a lifetime!  But if you are really interested in the business of photography now would be a great time to enlist some of your photo buddies to join the ride, because…well, because we all know what happens next on a roller coaster ride, don’t we?



~ by photographyfree4all on June 10, 2013.

4 Responses to “THE PATH IS SOMETIMES LONG – PART V: Arms in the Air Everyone!!”

  1. Hmmm, waiting for the speed to increase 🙂


  2. Spot on, Robert! But you know the question…how fast? …and how long?

    Glad you stopped by!


  3. Your photos of the pier are stunning.


  4. Thank you, RCC. Good luck with your work. It’s very good. I hope you’ll stop by again soon.


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