THE PATH IS SOMETIMES LONG – PART VIII: Never Save An Image Without Backing It Up At The Same Time

A few months ago I noticed my computer was beginning to mirror my lifestyle a little more than I really wanted it to.  You know…a little slow in the morning, endlessly thinking – but not really knowing exactly how to perform that specific function, and even occasionally shutting down for no apparent reason.  This activity, or should I say inactivity, immediately set off a red flag! 

Soon after I began my photography journey, I invested in an external hard drive to back up all of my crucial documents and certainly all of my images.  So when I first suspected that something could be wrong, I immediately checked to confirm that indeed all of my images had been copied to this external hard drive.  There they were, categorized into folders just as I had stored them on my computer.

Such a good feeling to know your images are safe and secure.  Because last week, all of those critical issues just became too much for my computer…and it died!  R.I.P. beloved iMac.  You have served me well for six years!

But today, out of the ashes comes this “Bad Boy!”


I have to say when I first cracked open the box and began to set up my brand new 21″ iMac six years ago, I thought nothing could ever outshine this beauty!  But this new machine is a bruiser with a 27″ Hi Resolution monitor, 3.2 GHz Quad Core Intel Core I5, 8 GB Memory and 1 TB hard drive, and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675 MX with 1 GB.  (I’m not even sure what that means, but it sure sounds impressive!)  WOW! 

On another note, I just processed an enlargement of this image and was intrigued by the depth of what is here.  The aging of the brick and the ruggedness of the timber are first to catch your eye.  But then as your attention turns to the courtyard, it’s almost as if you’re gazing through a portal in time.

SJC MISSION 2011021211

Thanks for joining me on this incredible journey!  Keep shooting…and backing up!



~ by photographyfree4all on July 8, 2013.

3 Responses to “THE PATH IS SOMETIMES LONG – PART VIII: Never Save An Image Without Backing It Up At The Same Time”

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  2. It is always good to back up, but sometimes it is not enough! I had trouble too . . . everything was backed up, but I dropped the hard drive as I went to plug it in – that was a very bad moment! So back up your back up!


  3. Ouch! Talk about a bad day! Sorry to hear that. But, you’re right. You can never have enough back up!


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