THE PATH IS SOMETIMES LONG – PART IX: So This Is What Failure Feels Like


(For details of this set-back, see my previous blog post)

Don’t even think for a moment that I would in any way accept this set-back as a defeat!  No way!  This was a learning experience.

“When it seems like you’ve run into a brick wall, don’t try to run through it.  For it is far better to find a way over, under, or around the wall than it is to continue to try to run through it.”                                                                  — Steve Thomas

The first thing I do when I am faced with a challenge such as the one I faced in my previous blog entry: I assess what I can learn from this particular challenge.  And from this very disappointing set-back, I learned:

  • Most importantly, I learned that people really liked my photography.
  • All questions about whether my art would sell had been answered.
  • My resolve had been strengthened because I took this set-back as a challenge.  If this venue wasn’t going to be available, I would find another BETTER venue.
  • I was challenged to create images that were even more impressive than what I had shot to that point.
  • I was further challenged to expand my sphere of photography.  Up to this point, I had focused on landscape photography.
  • In an effort to wash away the disappointment of this rejection and to reinforce my resolve to go even further in my photography journey, I purchased some new equipment.

This is one of my most interesting images from the San Diego area, The San Diego California Temple.  It is the 45th operating temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.


As I said before, I was challenged to expand my sphere of photography.  How did this change my photography direction?  Stay tuned…


~ by photographyfree4all on July 22, 2013.

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