So, my new-found success was brief at best!  In fact, it was all over within a few weeks.

Everything that I had been working for was taken away so quickly, I honestly had to sit down with my head in my hands and wonder “What Happened?”

Now, what would I do? 

Well, if there is one thing that I have learned in life, it’s the fact that there’s always more than one way to accomplish your dream!  And as a bonus, I was taught to never, ever give up!

When I first became interested in photography, I was asked all the normal questions.  But the one question that I faced most often was: do you do portraits?  And my answer was always the same: “I may photograph many things, but I will never do portraits.  Too much pressure, I said.” 

This brings me to one other life lesson I have learned over the years: Never say never!


Soon after the monumental Huntington Beach disappointment, I was asked again about portrait photography.  But this time, I hesitated…I blinked.  In fact, I stopped and pondered it.


Yes, I pondered the idea of portrait photography…for maybe…15 seconds.  That’s how long it took me to realize that I should be open to anything and everything.  So, I began to take pictures of anyone and everyone who would sit for a moment and pose for me.  What I have posted here are a few of my very first portraits.  Now I know, they definitely need some help.  But you have to understand, I was raw! 


And then, something happened.  Much like the Grinch’s heart began to grow in the Dr. Seuss classic, my desire for portrait photography jumped up and slapped me in the face!  This was the answer all along!

But with the answer, came countless thoughts.  I had to get better.  I had to find clients.  I had to take portraits of people who would actually pay.  And so many more!  But, next time for those thoughts and where that would lead!

The journey continues…and we haven’t even come to the really good part…yet!

~ by photographyfree4all on August 1, 2013.

One Response to “THE PATH IS SOMETIMES LONG – PART X: What Now?”

  1. Lovely portrait:)


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