This shoot, as with any shoot, came with its own set of challenges.  I have learned in my brief time as a photographer that preparation is always the key to a successful shoot.  I always scout the locations, I always check the weather, I always provide clothing instructions and suggestions, and I often have additional clothing…just in case!  But, what happens when your prep work doesn’t help?  What happens when everything you planned for becomes nothing like you’ve ever experienced?  Well, in this case…you improvise.

We went to our first location…the sprinklers were on!  They had never been on at this particular time of the day before.  But there it was, my primary location…basically, under water!  I always have multiple locations in mind, but each time we stopped something was wrong.  After moving from location to location, I happened upon a neighborhood that looked fantastic!  Older homes with well manicured lawns, mature trees…everything seemed good.

PHOTOGRAPHY TIP: Your location does not have to be a lush park or something that you might think would be a perfect setting.  I have captured some of my greatest images in average neighborhoods.  Yes!  Look at the neighborhood you’re driving through…it could be the perfect setting for your shoot.

These shots all came from the same neighborhood.

EMMA E SIG 10-17-13

EMMA A SIG 10-17-13

EMMA G SIG 10-17-13

EMMA H SIG 10-17-13

EMMA D SIG 10-17-13

Your primary goal is to blur the background anyway.  So, blur the background and concentrate on other important components…like lighting.


~ by photographyfree4all on October 25, 2013.

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