This is an image that came to me in desperate need of restoration.  The image was faded, wrinkled, and spotted with age.  Even in that condition, the family wanted to know if it could be restored.  Having never done that, I dove in and gave it my best shot.  After some painstaking effort, the family was very happy with the results.

Named after that great World War I General, John Joseph “Black Jack” Pershing, this young Jack Pershing also served in the armed forces.  Three years in the South Pacific Islands during the peak of the war with Japan – with no leave.  Air raids and bombings common to those areas.  You see the USA was fighting to protect our dear freedoms, and that meant true sacrifice.  Three years without seeing the young wife he left behind in the states.  Two full years without any contact with civilization.  Two years where his only human contact was with the enemy and the men of his unit.  Medals for service – sure.  Commendations for bravery – yes.  Proud to serve his country – absolutely!  This is a true hero!

Let me introduce you to Jack Pershing Thomas.  My father…



~ by photographyfree4all on June 2, 2016.


  1. A man of quiet dignity. He was one of a kind. Serving his country was only one of the sacrifices he made in this life. I’m proud to have known and loved him and to have been loved by him.


  2. Thank you Car54.


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