Not long after I began my photography journey I attended a workshop where I was introduced to camera filters.  Up to this point (which was only a few months) I had only used a UV filter.  And I only used it because the guy at the camera store told me to put this on my lens and never take it off.  It was his idea of lens protection – and it does make sense.  I would certainly rather replace a scratched UV filter than a scratched Canon lens.  Truth is, he could have sold me a few other filters that I have since purchased if he would have taken a moment to educate me on the advantage of filters.  Now, I carry a number of filters which allow me to create so many shots I could never capture without them.

But to me, the most important filter I carry is the polarizing filter.  This filter is like magic!  It can turn a pale blue sky into a masterpiece.  Oh sure, you can achieve a similar effect in your editing process.  But I have learned that it is far better to draw as much out of the raw camera image as possible.  The less I use Photoshop – the better for me!

Here is a primary example of what a polarizing filter can do for a normal shot.



~ by photographyfree4all on June 7, 2016.

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