My life has seen so many changes over time. And before each change, I was certain everything in my life was settled. And with that being said, once again I bid farewell to my latest place of perceived permanence – California.

While I’m happy about my photography adventures in California, I am eagerly looking forward to new challenges and opportunities in Texas. I must admit, I had no idea my new-found interest in photography would lead to the wonderful experiences afforded me in California.

  • Sports photographer for a local high school
  • Event photographer for a local university
  • A WordPress blog (that actually has followers) – people are actually interested in my journey into professional photography (who would have thought?)
  • Rights to my photography purchased by the Mission at San Juan Capistrano – allowing several prints to be sold in their gift shop. Also using my images for coffee mugs and candy bars.
  • Year book cover for a high school in Palos Verdes
  • Website images for a Long Beach non-profit
  • Numerous private individual and family portrait shoots
  • Website images for a local church
  • And so much more…

But, I only list those to encourage you to continue to follow your dreams. No matter how difficult it might seem, never give up. I remember the day I was told that I could no longer display my artwork in a local beach art fair because some of the other vendors complained there were too many photographers in the fair. I was upset and totally unable to understand the reasoning behind the decision – but the decision was final. The very next week, I was contacted by the Mission at San Juan Capistrano. They wanted to buy the rights to use my images on several of their marketing pieces. They also wanted to purchase several of my framed prints to sell in their new gift shop. It was beyond believable. I had to seek professional advice as I had never sold the rights to any of my images.

It can happen!

But before this gets too long, let’s post some images from my back road travels in central Texas. This is an image of an abandoned house that I came across on an old farm road. I am posting the original as well as some processed images:


Version 2

ABANDONED HOUSE - The Grove Texas - Dark Charcoal

Stay tuned. I have only begun to share the changes that have come into our lives.



~ by photographyfree4all on February 19, 2019.

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