When I first began to get serious about landscape photography, I was determined to capture the “Big and Famous” landscape images. And living in California made that very possible. After all, there are 9 National Parks in California – more than any other state.

So, initially I chased images like this one:


This is actually one of my favorites. But, everyone has an image similar to this one. I mean, there were at least a dozen people capturing this exact shot while I was there. Don’t misunderstand me though, I realize you can get off the beaten path…you can capture something unique – even in a high-tourist area like Yosemite National Park. And to that I say, “Do it!”

But honestly when I get on the true back roads, I rarely meet another person – let alone another photographer. That means when I capture an image like this one:


Or, like the one I shared last week:

ABANDONED HOUSE - The Grove Texas - Dark Charcoal

You will likely not see the image in any other media venue. The only other person around when I captured these images was my wife, who has become an expert at seeing unique perspectives.

So I encourage you to capture the famous landscapes! But in doing that, don’t forget the back roads. That may be exactly where you discover your most treasured image.

Stay tuned for more of my transition from California to Texas – from working and part-time photography…to retired and full-time photography!


~ by photographyfree4all on February 27, 2019.

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